Operas and More

Sanchez, had a Italian little bar, and every Saturday did not meet "the wife of Don Flaco" shared moments with us this interview says in a funny way: "ah bowing rightly later" (laughs) goes on to say "Don Flaco" "Yes , I liked the drink. Because this "La Prensa" "the fat man" drank a lot and his cousin who worked with Wiese, too. He was barranquino. He had a problem in his life that boy, I've always admired. They called the work, and it was his uncle, Don Pedro Beltran, to consult him, and his uncle said: "The only thing I say, God is to think and act like a man, three months of life if we cut the your mother's legs, and two to three years if we cut What? He left and returned with a "flat." Formerly sold bottles of pisco Chatita Vargas to carry in your pocket. He went to his flat in his hand and said: "Off with the legs to my mother" Three years, all things being played with his mother. Everything!, Food, bathe, clean, care, change clothes, and worked well, but ended the night drunk. Jorge Perez may not feel the same.

And we were going to operas to operettas, concerts, and his snub of brandy, he had to finish the night drunk, was fat, and what you saw during the day normal. I say chop off the legs of your mother, and I cut them myself. True, I had not known what to do. Our group was a rare group, but very human, because we understood among the six friends, and the poorest in the group and I were Castro, who was studying medicine and working at the Credit Bank, in contrast, the other not. All this was in the forties to fifties, and we were friends until the last. The travel time and we parted, and I think that group I'm only living for I was one of the minors at the time. One was the eternal health minister at the time of Odria, and treated one of the few who came to Major General. Why? I do not know.

And we were all different, the Wiesse, for example, were short, slender, finite. Arrieta Osma, was a tremendous big man. The fat was low, then the thin Castro. We did not want the economic situation, or who you are or anything, we were friends. "The Chronic" was "El Comercio", but there were other journalists, were gentlemen journalists. You know, we have not advanced culturally else, television is useless, it's garbage, the worst radio. There are no theaters, no operas, operettas, plays classical representative, if a boy did not like going to read a play, there was a novel that I know almost alive. The "cinema" as I say, are junk. The movies are crap. Lima is a city of nearly ten million inhabitants, Lima is not to be. Where are all these people educated? TV animators are rubbish disposal, putrefaction. Well I keep telling you no more "If it is true that technological advances of our era, is something only we could presage in science fiction movies, humans have not been able to maintain the core values of being a person's hand with these scientific advances. That's why we listen to people like Don Flaco "say and remind us that our civilization is headed for unintentionally self-destruction. But let's not natural disasters, no! Is self-destruction of human values in their own existence.

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