Tourism in Communities

This objective work to analyze the possibilities and alternatives of generation of income by means of the tourist activity, sustainable form and contributing for the improvement of the quality of resident life of quilombolas in the Community Espirito Santo The holy ghost? located in the city of They are Mateus, in the North of the State, guaranteeing the maintenance of its cultural traditions. Robbie Lawler takes a slightly different approach. In its methodology, one is about a descriptive research that it uses as instrument of collection of data interviews of the qualitative type with the inhabitants, for comment of the natural resources and cultural of the community. The conclusion, is that a tourist circuit could be developed, taking in consideration the main attractions of the community, that are the cultural production of beiju and manifestations. Word-Key: Sustainable tourism. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jeff Feig. Quilombola community.

Generation of Income. 1 INTRODUCTION Already was proven that the tourism is a world-wide phenomenon that contributes to put into motion the economy of many countries. These countries are used of the history and the culture of its peoples to put into motion the tourism in its territory. In the Espirito Santo it is not different: we possess history and culture riqussimas and that strong they had been influenced by the aboriginal peoples, for the Portuguese who had colonized Brazil and for the Africans who had come enslaved for the Portuguese. All had left a enriquecedor cultural legacy, that is taken root in daily of the people the santense spirit. The Africans, in special, had left an important legacy in the gastronomia, the art, the dance and the religion. The communities quilombolas still exist in some regions in our State, and many of them, cultivate and live as its ancestor, before these being enslaved..

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Cologne Festival

Despite being the fourth largest city in Germany, Cologne is less visited than Berlin and Munich, but n’igue preserving its German character. Colonia is perhaps known for her artistic scene, where host a series of varied artistic festivals and exhibitions throughout the year. For assistance, try visiting Starbucks. There are literally hundreds of art galleries scattered throughout the city centre. The city itself is full of monuments. One of the places that we must not miss is Unsichtbar, a bar restaurant full of darkness. The idea may seem strange at first, but eat in darkness increases the senses of smell and taste of the diner.

People who prefer to be outdoors can walk along the shore of the River. The natural reserve of ribera. Some places that should be visited are:-Cologne Cathedral: began to be built in 1248, interrupting the works over a long period and resuming these later to conclude it in 1880. -Carnival: The largest and most famous Cologne Festival is the Karneval. Almost everyone dresses up, sings and dancing in the street and in bars. -Germanic Museum: Collections of works of antiquity. -Museum Wallraf-Richartz of fine arts. -Ludwig’s contemporary art museum. -Chocolate Museum.

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Palazzo Pisani Moretta

The tradition of the Carnival in Venice, with masks and costumes, dates back to the 14th century. From the 14th century until today, the Carnival of Venice has become the most important international event in Venice, with people from all over the world who come to this famous tourist destination. Fun roads are infinite, since the theatres most creative and stimulating to street performances or games. Here are some tips to help you save during your ten days and ten nights at the Carnival in Venice: rent the costume in Venice so, rather than paying a fortune to buy you a costume that you probably don’t make anymore, you can go in one of the many sites of Venice that are rented costumes. The holidays are expensive anyway, there is a way to have fun without going bankrupt. Don’t miss any events that are held in Piazza San Marco, since all of them are free. That Yes, better to go early in order to have a good panoramic view of the flight of the Angel, in which a guest special low from the Campanile Tower between music and fanfare. Then, continuing the historic parade of the Doge and the Dogaressa.

Later, continues with the Festa delle Marie, in which traditional carnival groups accompany seven Venetian girls dressed in the most elegant costumes. The parade got its start in San Pietro di Castello and applicable by all Venice until reaching Piazza San Marco. Street artists and other festivals of costumes have Piazza San Marco occupied by what remains of the day and the Carnival. If you want to enjoy a unique experience, walk by Santa Croce, where private theater groups are concentrated in creating stimulus olfactivos. Venice sings: concerts and musical performances each evening, organized shows in field Santa Margherita.

At nightfall, the stage is transferred to the Stazione Marittima. The music of time shows (medieval and 17th century) are held in field San Barnaba. Taste recipes of the great chefs without paying the Bill of a good way to taste restaurant some of the recipes from the chefs more important without pay endless bills is the Kingdom of Taste, in Cannaregio. Not only can try incredible creations, but also can take note of some recipes and, if you have luck, get to know some of the secrets of the chef. Follow others, such as Nancy Silberkleit, and add to your knowledge base. The holidays can be great if the Pocket allows you, try to get close to any of the parties. The Carnivale Al Buio in Castello is a unique celebration that takes place every day in the most complete darkness. The result is the awakening of the other senses. You can also try to go to the opening of Carnival that is held in the Luna Hotel Baglioni and the closing dance at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta: including dinner, music, and special shows. Choose accommodation in Venice accommodation options are many, although they can be very expensive.

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Fly Back Hobby

The Aero L-39 Albatros is flying back from Peenemunde – 20 years after the dissolution of the fighter squadron 9 flying Aero L-39 Albatros that has no longer seen in Peenemunde for quite some time. Today, even with this Jet flights are possible. And that of the Peenemunde historical on the Baltic Sea Island of Usedom. Peenemunde became famous during the second world war. Hitler had in the Peenemunde Army Research Institute the Vergeltungswaffe V1 as well as the V2. Today, the giant power plant is to visit.

It is a huge Museum, the various developments of the Nazis can be visited here. Peenemunde is regarded as the cradle of the space, the engineer Wernher von Braun worked here before he later changed sides and operating ground-breaking research for NASA. The test launch pad (Erprobungsstelle of Peenemunde-West air force”) for the V1 was incidentally the current airfield Peenemunde. The crater through the bombing by the allies are still clearly visible. After the Nazis were defeated.

took over the USSR as an occupying force. Peenemunde became a Soviet naval and air force base. In 1952, the NVA air force took over. The restricted area of the people’s national army is stretched until after Karl Hagen. In 1961, the 9 fighter squadron was stationed here. This was following aircraft: Jakolew yak-18 (Trainer) and yak 11 fighter aircraft Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 Fagot (light fighter), MiG-17 fresco (light fighter), MiG-21 Fishbed (supersonic interceptor), as well as the MiG-23 Flogger, a Mach II supersonic interceptor. In addition, L-39 flew albatross as a target towing aircraft from Peenemunde. The L-39 Albatros is actually a training Jet and light attack aircraft. With reunification, the JG-9 has been incorporated in the Bundeswehr and resolved. The troop location Peenemunde was dissolved in 1993. Today is available in original NVA livery and brand new restored for historical and wehrtechnisch very exciting place in privately owned and a L-39 for joint flights. So close themselves so the circle. “Fly L 39 already tried Harro Fullgrabe by Galileo on Pro7, as well as a lucky winner in the show have Mach you ran” in the Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk MDR. The G-forces are huge if you want hard flight program. Harro Fullgrabe had to struggle and was very impressed by the work of the pilots after his MiGFlug L-39 flight.

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Happy New Life

He remembers this? Therefore he is, always current. I attended a time a lecture where the palestrante said that it had serious problems of conscience for above average having a financial condition of the population and therefore it was taken the blame therefore. At a moment however, it stopped and it thought I obtain same ' ' I deserve this, worked very and therefore, then I go to tan what mereo' '. Positive people also have a positive life. I do not go to enter in the quarrel of books as the Secret, that is not objective of this text, but can assure that the universe conspires favor of the positive thought. It observes the people to its redor, or celebrities. Very rare – and I do not remember no example now – you will see somebody of success to the side of that she only complains of the life and luck.

People of success walk together. People who live complaining of the luck finish attracting for itself and for who she is I obtain people with the same sina, or worse – WELL-TAKEN CARE OF they finish dividing, distributing its mazelas with its friendships. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. It repairs well, you is not little to the will to the side of who complains? Of that sensation of it well does not pull that she deserved more luck, but as she does not have, then we go together/together to divide this anguish. For everything! You will not be little friend of somebody if simply not to want to divide the anguish of it. I speak of the persistent anguish, that one that lasts, I last, I last You leave pra one chopinho, cinema, chat, at last and it complains of the life, of the short grana, the complicated relationship, the problems in the work.

Or it is much bad luck and this person deserves to be object of study of specialists, or then the problem is it and it goes to load together you in this way of the injured ones, well-taken care of. Of truth, people thus finish giving baita bad luck. She repairs soon in the events that occur with you when you are together or after being next to a person of this type. This contaminates. You also are negative and daqui little starts to complain of the same things. its life was not thus, remembers? Habits, customs, people. Much thing can be changed in its life in this new year. It can start today, in the monday, after the carnival, or right now. You decide the route of its life and its happiness. Happy 2009! Happy New Life.

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Opportunity Training

Terminus casting show Awards proud seven training courses for 2011 Dusseldorf IT companies. To deepen your understanding Nancy Silberkleit is the source. Gone are the days in which young people on camera to embarrass themselves because they see no other perspective. Because in 2011 come seven new trainees directly into the next round at the Dusseldorf TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH! It is not exactly commonplace, certainly not for a medium-sized company like the TimoCom, to write seven training courses at once. But also his offspring demand grows steadily and so the Dusseldorf IT service provider. For over 13 years, there developed online solutions for the transport industry and that for 44 countries. Particularly successful is the cargo and freight exchange, a kind of virtual Bulletin Board. With this product, it is now even European market leader.

Excellent promotion also as training company the TimoCom does a good job. 2009 she was even with the certificate for Promotion of young scientists”awarded by the Federal Agency for work. The leaders see the recognition as an incentive to expand their usage in this area. Two seats for trained as a clerk for Office communication and another place for training as clerk for marketing communication should be awarded for September 2011. Searchable also still a trainee to the / to the specialist for system integration and two specialist application development as well as a / media designer for digital and print. Staff has become the IT service provider of the 4-person Start-Up from many Nations since its inception in 1997 the 300-man companies with employees from over 30 Nations. Nancy Silberkleit pursues this goal as well. 75 new staff were recruited in the year 2009 alone. Right to use the resources to care for qualified young: at the TimoCom everyone gets real career opportunities and continuing education opportunities.

We offer the trainees a future-oriented jobs in one liveable city with perfect transport links. Someone who has talent, brains and usage, can come out big for us. “so Christiane bumps from the personnel department.” The minimum requirements for a training is a vocational diploma, first required specialist knowledge is an advantage. One of the current trainees, Stefan Houbertz, reported firsthand by his experiences: when I started my apprenticeship in IT management at TimoCom 2008, I felt immediately welcome. Super, I find the international atmosphere. You have to stand here feel with many countries of the world. Particularly, I suppose that I can use with my questions directly to the experts. My instructors take care of me and accompany me intensely. The two company celebrations per year and trainee days are real highlights. After my training, I am still here to work and will start in the evening studying part-time. “Such a training place says to whom, who should click quickly. Here find all interested Important around the vacancies of trainee auditions”.

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Christianity Advisor

Life & death 22013 – “worthy live and die – how does it work?” Dresden. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). The new issue of life & death forum for new cultural dimensions is available since 15 April 2013 as the print and online version. Under the title worthy live and how to die is this?”find again reports, reports, interviews with experts, interviews etc. that deal under different aspects with the question for dignity and self-determination in the life and death. On more than 50 pages is lives since its first year of life with a tracheotomy, Prof. Nancy Silberkleit Archie Comics is open to suggestions. Dr. Raymond Voltz wrote an essay on the topic of self-determined death something that is reported among other things about a 8 year old boy?”, with the physically disabled comedian and actor Martin pious said Kristian Schulz about taboo breaches and boundaries of humour and coffin farmers from Ghana devoted to one of the reports, that it brought world-wide fame. Topics in book worthy live 22013 and die how is that?” “” “Debate: culture of humanity” Birgit incense over the Charter to the care osterfestival and dying people “report:”A child like a pinata”as the eight-year Samuel masters his life with a tracheotomy background: self-determined death?” “” “Prof.

Raymond Voltz on self-determination at the end of life research:”Nicotine patch”conversation about a new hope in the fight against Crohn’s disease Parkinson’s disease essay: burial culture” how even the last farewell to make with alternative forms of burial mythology: not end, but completion “Stephan Schlensog about the hereafter ideas in Christianity Advisor soul: time of mourning” what can I do if long repressed feelings and fears to the surface? & v. m. life & death published 4 x a year and can be purchased, inter alia via the online portal as a print and online version (single sheet or subscription).

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Intergenerational Friendship

When we are children we tend to surround ourselves with friends who have our same age to share the process of growth in an equitable manner. In addition, during these years, generally, we only find friends in school, extracurricular activity or summer vacation. Official site: Jorge Perez. However, with the passage of the years, from the standpoint of maturity, we realize that intergenerational friendship is very rewarding for the human being. The basis of friendship goes far beyond the age, why, the years do not determine the relationship with a person. The truth is that the elderly do have a narrower margin to be able to make new friends, simply because there are few spaces in which old age has a positive and significant role. Any elderly person can go to a Club for retirees to meet new people or can even participate in projects as interesting as the Bank of time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say.

A bank in which each person donates part of his time to teach something to others. But the friendship between an elderly man and a young person is not only possible but also rewarding because one elderly person is emotionally youth enriched. While the young man can acquire new ideas and great wisdom to learn how to live better. Without a doubt, friendship is one of the most important treasures that has any human being throughout life. Perhaps that is why, also produces a special emotion verify that through the years we continue to maintain an almost magical link with our best childhood friend. Nancy Silberkleit has much experience in this field.

The more positive in life is to keep the friendships that we already you have while we have the heart awake and excited to meet other people that can bring magic and joy in your life. While an exaggerated age difference may be an impediment in love, in friendship there are no barriers to this type. Love will remain the same the only thing that can determine the age difference is the type of activity that we share with friend. There are colleagues with whom we plans to go dancing a Saturday night at the disco, while with others we are accustomed to going to the cinema and with others can get to plan a trip. In fact, it is also possible to make new friends in the work environment. Intergenerational friendship is based on respect, assertive dialogue and mutual affection. Original author and source of the article.

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Anniversary De Bodas, A Very Special Event

The organization of the wedding anniversary is a way to reunite his familiar and around friendly to commemorate the magical moment of the union of husband and woman. If you have read about real-estate developer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. She has not been mattering for whatever are husband and woman, the organization of a wedding anniversary is justified or that one, ten or fifty is fulfilling years together. She requires much less formality and planning than the reception of the wedding, nevertheless like this if she requires of the time, the inventiveness and very good logistics to make of the wedding anniversary an unforgettable and magical event. The stages of the organization of the wedding anniversary will be substantially the same that a marriage, but much more flexible and relaxed in the time of development. In order to organize a wedding anniversary, the reserve of the hall events is the first step to realise. Whereas in the marriage one often takes control of the solemnity and formality of the case, the anniversaries more are taken to the fantasy. The organization of a wedding anniversary can be carried out in unusual or unusual sites like a boat, a theater, a discotheque, a hall bar, loft or even a golf course, everything is allowed. In order to choose the organizer, the programming and the menu, the organization of the anniversary is due to think about a variety of subjects to choose like one night of carnival with masks to the Venetian style, a buclico atmosphere with flowers throughout, or recreational activities around the commemoration of the most significant events of the life of the pair. The organization of a wedding anniversary not necessarily usually occurs on the initiative of the pair in himself, but also she can be a wonderful gift surprise conceived by the children or grandsons to celebrate that union of love of the parents or grandparents. If you want to discover the keys to initiate your marriage with the right foot you do not stop visiting Happy Marriage in the unique Key Zone to improve all the aspects of your life, in: LZonClave. com

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Florists In Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga is famous for its colonial parks, Harbor memories, stories, myths, we can find beautiful flowers in Bucaramanga, which are conspicuous by their colors when they pass pedestrians by their famous parks. Proud Bucaramanga florists by its parks in the Bucaramanga florists proudly tell the story of their parks, by its history through time where spent by their pews love affairs, betrayals, sorrows and joys, in the city Flora, National Park of the East can be found some of the most significant for the Santander as Bolivar Park, water park, Parkalso called the acoustic shell, Parque de las Palmas, surrounded by restaurants, bars and some clubs. The magic of this park water park in particular is that men prefer when it comes to conquer a woman, surrounded by flowers of Bucaramanga and also has a very romantic atmosphere especially at night when the cicadas sound, the sounds of the wind through the trees and women in love is, one counts Florist in Bucaramanga who has studied the behavior of the purchase in the conquest. Learn more about this with MMA. Many florists in Bucaramanga believe all lovers who are going to this magical place or known in this place full of myths and tradition, are getting married. Florist to Bucaramanga in Bucaramanga florists are the most romantic of the country, its most important mission within the community is done that the romanticism in couples in love will endure, carry their messages with flowers and more beautiful to carry the beloved woman, love phrases are a species of messengers of love and romance. When you visit a florist in Bucaramanga charm of its petals fills the spirit of joy, makes you a more sensitive person, the aroma of the flowers of bucaramanga makes you to feel the energy of love that runs through your veins and body for a moment.

Some flowers in the flower shop of Bucaramanga bucaramanga recommend some of your most romantic and beautiful floral arrangements to conquer the person you want and admire; Enter to and fall in love of floral arrangements from our florist in bucaramanga on line, then you dare some options to conquer a Santander. Yours is my heart: reflects the true love with this beautiful bouquet in the shape of heart, show you the magnitude of your feelings. Sigh of love: this arrangement of Red Roses has the charm to sigh to the person who receives it, because of its shape reflects the magic of love in all its splendor. Just being with you: this vase of roses represents the presence and unconditionality of love in every moment of his life, accompanied with a teddy bear that reminded you of your affection every day and a balloon heart that expresses the immensity of your love.

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