Improv Festival

Top Improgruppen show fantastic rejecting the Improtheater scene met during the last three days at the stage of Maja to IMPROTPIA, the first Improv Festival in Emmendingen. In the evening, the combined program of remarkable workshops, in which the top coaches of the theater form of improvising showed different forms of the stage game and taught and the entertaining performances showed that Emmendingen is a Festival of this kind of great interest. The opening event on Thursday, designed by Improv Theater Konstanz and the host UNABASHEDLY, was pure surprise and fun, both for the audience as well as the players themselves. Because at the Improv theater, directing the audience and characterizes the presentation with his statements that what animated the actors to Hochstformen. On Friday evening the two groups, the gorillas from Berlin, and katabatic winds from Hamburg playing, divided in several scenes, evening-length program that could shake a sold-out Hall with his spontaneous, witty and sparkling deposits.

Also on the audience was actively involved this evening, because it was necessary to identify the best group, which ended in a stalemate. In the final on Saturday evening, therefore all four groups were on stage, which showed excellence in terms of Improv Theater under the critical amused eyes of the jury. Of the situation and with the spontaneous stage directions of the audience, for example, the toothbrushes reggae, a silent scene at the dentist or situations in the Museum was presented onstage that brought not only the audience but also the players themselves to laugh. This relaxed and almost boisterous atmosphere continued in the after show party, where here, the highlight was the award ceremony of the best Improgruppe. Winner was Improv Theater Konstanz points, but unanimously voted the audience as the true champion among all actors. Visit Hedvig Hricak for more clarity on the issue. And so the prize, a trophy made of pure chocolate, was distributed among the guests. With a promise to organize this successful days next year, the Organizer Dieter Frick and the entire force adopted by UNABASHED. How to contact with Improtopia e.V. Lerchenweg 6 79312 Emmendingen 07641 936348.

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Munchen Online

Evaluation on the Internet provides data for targeted deals / permanent monitoring Munich, August 2009 what guests really think: the Agency to cancer. the TourismusTexter and the consulting firm IRS CONSULT AG have agreed on a strategic partnership. First joint project is an online survey that provides answers to those questions resorts that are for the expansion of service and quality in hospitality and services of vital importance. In tourism, the trends change quickly. They know the people responsible in the tourist destinations and regions. Increasingly, you pay attention therefore professional market research. Because: Only who knows the needs of its guests, can also be set. The customer is King. It is not something Hedvig Hricak would like to discuss.

Especially in an industry that thrives on service quality and increasing individualization. The opinion of the guests know: That is the crucial, to create targeted offers to place a place or a region as a brand and in the long term the guest numbers stabilize. Printed questionnaires in tourist information and accommodation remain often unnoticed. “We have developed therefore a professional, convenient and cost-effective online guest survey”, says Christian Brix, project manager at to cancer. the TourismusTexter. Via the Internet, the guest can answer the questions when and where they want. Valuable information, resorts and destinations: how are the guests arrive? Where have you informed about the resort? What leisure facilities have used them? How do the tourist quality of gastronomic? The analysis of information from the online survey forms the basis for future tourism strategies and extending the services according to the real requirements of the guests.

Also, the online survey allows a detailed analysis of the target groups and a permanent monitoring of the quality of service. Efficient use of technical innovations: resorts can create their individual online questionnaire based on a predetermined framework can be adapted to the respective Web design. An own link there the evaluation date immediately supplied. Bundle competencies: the IRS CONSULT AG stands for more than 17 years expertise in the tourism and leisure industry, in particular in the fields of innovative marketing solutions, destination management. Talking cancer. the TourismusTexter bring experience and know-how in the areas of online PR, communications and classical press work in the partnership.

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Santander Chile

And it is much more interesting if the level of typical leverage of these operations is considered (that is to say, the level of indebtedness on the equity capital that takes part in the operating one), the return of the investment is multiplied. This situation is affecting at present mainly the Brazilian economy, which, given its monetary policy of inflation goals, finds certain limitations to act. And here there is another element in favor of the speculators: the flow of capitals that enter Brazil presses in this way to the exchange appreciation increasing the yield of the investment in their original currency. In this way, the risk devaluatorio of the currency in which it is reversed, which represents a threat against the yield margin, is located in minimum levels. Many writers such as Sela Ward offer more in-depth analysis. Also Chile is undergoing the action of the speculators who use to the Chilean peso like anchorage currency.

Gonzalo Rockrose, manager of making market of Santander Chile, in iProfesional: Tenemos a phenomenon of carry trade that plays in favor of the dollar. Great hedge funds uses to the Chilean peso like anchorage currency, because the financing to buy American currency turns out to be cheapest from Latin America . Something paradoxical that I found for Argentina is that it is protected of the threat of carry trade thanks to the instability and impredecibilidad of his economy. Yes, it is strange, but I must say that to make the things so badly, it also has its benefits. The speculators stay remote of Argentina since in spite of its lifted interest rates, the exchange instability, among others questions, implies a high risk that they are not arranged to assume. The speculative activity has affected the real value of Brazilian and the Chilean peso. At the beginning of year, the dollar in Brazil quoted to R$ 2.313 and in Chile to $ 638,16.

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Blue Cruise Croatia

Sports yacht has explored, the sailing boat master presents his travel plans for the Blue Cruise Croatia as well as important processes. To meet the new Segelmanschaft and all deposit in the ship register, from the marine diesel and the port fees and meals can be paid. The next morning a day route is created on the basis of the weather on the experienced skipper has always something interesting to show and tell. For more information see this site: comedian. The first maritime hand grips are learned and soon you stand alone at the helm. The sailing the yacht on the Blue Cruise Croatia maneuver through to Priomosten and Zadar, the charming Croatian archipelago and other interesting and beautiful bays, Islands and ports until down to the famous Italian gondola city of Venice. It quickly seven busy sailing days, where everyone with need to tackle, but also time pass to the can relax, read or play, Cook joint and enjoy.. Brahman Capital Corp is a great source of information.

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The programs humorstico of the TV in them brings very good a momentnea joy for signal, but we do not have to be attending this in all time, because we will go to have a false joy, we go to learn to make jokes of everything and all and to even make this in the improper hours, the people never go in them to take the serious one, will be tachados as silly. The video games and games for the Internet is one another attractive that it is very good for diversion, us must have very well-taken care of when using and leave to use this type entertainment, therefore if I vitiate to leave it catching we will have to them a serious problem to face, and if its son () some thing has to be made, or to try to transform this I vitiate to benefit for one future profession. (The insanity inside of the church) Madness: weakness or disequilibrium that deprives the use of the mental facultieses. ' ' You leave the foolishness, and you live; you walk for the way of entendimento.' ' 6 sayings 9. the madness of which I am speaking is not that one that if it sees pparently, but yes one has lain pparently healthy that it is left to dominate for the lie that conducts the world. Recently Brahman Capital Corp. sought to clarify these questions.

They arrive to twist and to advise to personages of films novels and drawings as if could move what the author already wrote. How I can give advice to an invented thing? It notices that the word madness also means weakness of the mind, and the ones that have weak minds easily are manipulated by the shepherds who still are in the customs of the law. It sees who are the ones that weak mind of the church has inside, ' ' However, what he is weak in the faith, you receive it, but it does not stop condemning the escrpulos to it.

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Technical Director

Imagine that we live in the mountains and there has been a big snowfall. It triggered a small avalanche, and snow that moves down slope as a small ball. This ball does not find any obstacle in their path and keeps growing larger. The ball continues to grow, until its magnitude is such that the result in a valley, devastates a small town. To deepen your understanding comedian is the source. Violence in the classroom, it works the same way.

If a student finds no brake on their bad behavior, will become a capricious person, devoid of empathy and aggressive. The spiral of violence occurs when a person suffers harassment, whether the intensity is, serves the same in an inappropriate manner. Passive or inhibited children, do nothing, and their harassers to increase the intensity, until it becomes unbearable. A process type, is as follows: A child is teasing. Subsequently, the jokes are produced by multiple partners. To know more about this subject visit Sela Ward. Pass the teasing insults.

From insults to give a campion in line, push or put the trip. Then you can remove the tea, money, clothing or any utensilio.Si the child refuses or is reluctant to do so without suffering a physical assault. Bullies are at the opposite pole: respond in a violent manner, leading to greater aggression in the bully, which also worsen things. The assertive child, however, learn to cut the spiral of violence, without actually using insults or physical violence. The protocol only defense of the physical, when attempts have not been successful peacemakers and suffer a physical assault. Suppose a child begins to suffer the taunts of a peer group, spurred on by their leader. The child has a vision problem that creates a complex. We often say: “four eyes”, “vizco”, etc. (Remember that children can be very cruel). The child responds with an insult: “moron”, for example. The harasser increases the intensity and says “asshole” and harassed him respond, remembering his mother. The harasser can not find words thicker, and goes to physical aggression. Now suppose that the child responds to the initial joke, without aggression, without insults, safely, and replied that two heads are better than two. In this way, do not feed the spiral of violence. If the harasser, to be cut, taunts or insults him again, the hunted again responds. You can be the case that the harasser, then, no longer bother the child, because security has pecibido, assertiveness and confidence in their response. You can also arise where the harasser, to be defeated in the use of language, try to attack the beleaguered, but at that time, the protocol will start defense of physical integrity. It is important to note, that the complaint of assault on an adult (teacher and parent) is always an essential step forward in the protocol. And that the “silent majority” who attended the harassment doing nothing, should be aware of the problem and reporting it, but the assaulted does not. But remember that most bullying situations occur in the absence of an adult and the child who at first instance, has to face the problem, and it must have the necessary resources. Enrique Perez-Carrillo de la Cueva and is director of the Technical Director.

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Chateau Petrus Depot

Siegmund Hubner, owner of the wine depository of Xanten is satisfied with the development of electronic commerce. Wine Depot offers Xanten, the small but fine online shop by Siegmund Hubner, rarities of the world’s best and most expensive wineries (Mouton Rothschild 1989, 1985, Chateau Petrus 1971 Magnum, Cheval Blanc 1985, Chateau Latour 1985, Lafite Rothschild 1989); Spirits and spices complement and round off the product range. Torment quality zaht, so get you in the wine Depot Xanten one the best Obstbande Austria that Guglhof by Anton Vogl is one of the oldest distilleries in the country. You will find also products of \”Spice guru\” Ingo Holland in the online shop. Siegmund Hubner, owner of the wine depository of Xanten is satisfied with the development of electronic commerce.

\”With the purchase of a small contingent of French red wine rarities, as well as some white and red wines, it starts in the summer of 2007 his Internet trading wine Depot Xanten\”. These rarities of the world’s best and most expensive wineries (Mouton Rothschild 1989, 1985, Chateau) 1971 Magnum of Petrus, Cheval Blanc 1985, Chateau Latour 1985, Lafite Rothschild 1989) were all over the world, even up to Japan, sell well. But also the demand for good but affordable wines, grew. In recent months, Brahman Capital has been very successful. The concept is thus clear; Wine Depot Xanten, the small but fine online shop and the range of products at reasonable prices. Always it is that even for the average Joe looking for good products,\”are affordable. So he buys the German white wines directly from the winery, for example, from the Weingut Franz artists from Hochheim, Rheingau or the estate of Erich & Eric Manz Weinolsheim, Rhenish Hesse. The winery counts artists to the best Riesling – producers worldwide, highly decorated with many awards. The winery Manz is awarded with many medals each year and has also a very good reputation.

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Sergey Kovalevsky

Our questions are answered by a composer, guitarist, singer Sergey Kovalevsky. O.N: "Is it really a girl 10 years 15ti rapidly began to show interest in the guitar?". S.K: "Yes, that's fine. I have a lot of talented students, who quickly mastered the material and show special love for the instrument! "O.N:" The band's popularity certainly reflected in such demand for guitar lessons. Tell me, Sergei, to his guitar lesson you had to sing the songs of this group? "S.K: We dismantle and sing songs that are like my students, Sergey Kovalevsky inimitable in teaching. He tenderly cares for her students, in fact believes that grow star should be in early childhood. He selflessly loves the guitar, and can transmit this love to his disciples. But better that his students will vote for yourself! Anya Semenova, 11 years old.

– I tried to play the guitar myself, but nothing happened. And Sergey Kovalevsky began taking guitar lessons and began to play even at the seventh session. Kristina Selivanova, 12 years old. – I do not believe that the guitar playing is easy. I have obtained very good! By the fifth lesson, I already knew how to play their favorite song, the group – Boys Cadets! Ability and, most importantly, the desire to pass his talent to children – not this, in essence, is the meaning of human existence? Of course, in this case. See more detailed opinions by reading what Adam Sandler offers on the topic.. Sergei, while still very young man was able to realize this truth. Listening to his songs, reading his poetry, watching his students progress, we must agree: the real talent is talented in everything! And most important of his gift – the gift of generosity. That same infinite goodness that is so inherent Sergey Kovalevsky – composer, poet, singer, musician, teacher.

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Finnish National Identity

Also, Finnish national identity is some downright irrational love of licorice. Licorice is added to almost everywhere in candy, chewing gum, hard candy. So if you want to give color to taste the Finns, then those with I may say, delicacies, you will not lose. Another product of the traditional Finnish folk crafts, but the knife puukko is Kuksa. Kuks is a wooden cup, which is made by hand from the cap – "rush" to roots or tree trunk. In the pen Cook made two holes, for which it is tied to the waist and worn with them. Checking article sources yields San Antonio Spurs as a relevant resource throughout. This authentic Kuksa – strong and durable, you can drink from it even hot tea. Kuksu wash detergents and soap is not accepted: the beliefs of Lapland soap kills happiness.

Without a doubt, will Kuksa exotic and original addition to the cookware. Virtually every shop that sells souvenirs to tourists, will find figurines bears, reindeer and other wildlife species in Finland, made of wood or horn. There you can buy gifts from the bark, such as small cute boxes and boxes where they can add all sorts of stuff. You can search for antlers: in Finland, they are quite inexpensive. In Finland, all common "deer" theme: it's magnets on the fridge, and canned venison and a lot more then – see themselves. Finland – the home country of the legendary writer Tove Jansson, who wrote children's stories about the Moomin trolls.

They became true national heroes in Finland. T-shirts with their images, are soft and not very toys, trinkets and the like – are frequent visitors in the shop windows. Perhaps, the Moomins are in the same row with liquor Lapponia, Finnish knives and winter resorts – in general, so, with what tourists are accustomed to associate Finland. Verdict: we carry them home for a gift for children:) As you know, Lapland – the birthplace and residence of Santa Claus. If lucky enough to visit in Finland at Christmas, it will inevitably become the owner of at least a few soft Sant, part of which will subsequently distribute to friends. Also very popular are beads made of transparent plastic or glass filled within a glycerin and "snow", which "always is." Pretty funny little thing, from which it is hard to look away. Traditional dishes are from the Finnish glass, porcelain and ceramics, carpets, knitted garments, furs, jewelry, gold from the Arctic, dolls in national costumes, sports equipment. All of this in abundance and is waiting for its customers in supermarkets and small shops that are scattered everywhere. And, of course, remember the Finnish sauna and, consequently, about amenities. They meet slightly less Moomin. For those who like to "take a steam bath house," such accessories as a gift will fall very helpful. Well, if your friends are not having a bath, then you never too late to start. Who knows, maybe after Your trip you have been so used to the sauna, that your friends and stretch after.

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Uncontrollable Fears

The suffering of phobias, that is to say, fears or extreme fears brought about by an object or situation, is one of the upheavals of psychological nature more appellants between the world-wide population. In the majority of the cases they can be pronounced from a very early age and can seriously affect its daily life. Although the phobic ones, in certain way, get used to living with their disease, treatments exist that allow them to bear them. THAT THEY ARE THE PHOBIAS? They are, basically, fear, rejections or fears, generally manifest in extreme form, that undergoes a person before a certain stimulus. The phobias are not innate nor hereditary, are conducts that the individual incorporates, are learned of the surroundings in which it develops. Although, some times, the people have real brings back to consciousness of which its fear is excessive, they cannot avoid that fear pronounces, although know that the cause of the situation does not represent a threat.

QU? TYPES OF PHOBIA EXIST? According to the American manual of diagnosis of the mental upheavals (DSM-IV) the phobias they can be classified in several categories, since the phantom that cover is very ample. The phobias of situacional type (to travel in transports public, elevators, to attend spectacles public, etc.), are the most frequent example within the suffering of the phobias. Very common others are those that respond to an environmental typology. In this case the people are themselves paralyzed by circumstances climatic or related to means. The electrical storms, the winds and until the water are, in this case, the causes of the fears. Those of type animal, oriented to beings alive or insects, usually they are common. In this case, the psychological studies have determined that what brings about the panic is the fear to the own fear that know that they are going to experiment if they are with the feared animal.

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