Quero Poem

Dedication Who was that it said that I write for the elites? Who was that it said that I write for bas-fond? I write All for the Maria of the Day. I write for the Expensive Bread Joo. For you, that he is with this periodical in the hand of surprise discovers that only newness is the poetry, the remaining portion does not pass of police chronicle? social? politics. the periodicals always proclaim that ' ' the situation is crtica' '! But I write I am for the Joo and the Maria. How almost always they are in critical situation! therefore my words are quotidianas as the bread ours of each day.

my poetry is natural and simple as the water drunk in the shell of the hand. Quintana uses simple names, Joo and Maria, to exaltar common people, the worker, the house owner. People who if find far from the fortunate life of the elites and that they know of close ' ' situation crtica' ' printed in periodicals. Moreover, it compares its to make poetical to the simple act to drink water? the known natural drink purest and already? in the shell of the hand, without cups nor sophisticated apparatuses. In the workmanship of Manoel de Barros some references to the simplicity can be found with that the ideas must be displayed in the text. In the poem the Roceiro, for example, the adjectives are compared plagues in the plantations and must all be exterminadas the cost so that, only then, the poem is born on the paper. The adjetivao is condemned in the modern productions, having the lyric texts to be presented enxutos, as it can be observed in the stretch to follow of the cited poem: (…) New Retiro of the plagues: dejections of birds, adjectives. (I remove the adjectives because they weaken the plants) (…) Manuel exemplifica Flag well, in Poetical, its preference for simple phrases that reach the common reader: (…) I am satiated of the lyricism that stops and goes to inquire in the dictionary the matrix vernculo of one vocbulo (…) Quero the lyricism of the insane people the lyricism of the drunks the difficult lyricism and pungente of the drunks the lyricism of clowns of In agreement Shakespeare the poem, the consultation to the dictionary for the understanding of searched carefully words destroys the intensity that the verses could reach.

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