Raw Materials

Before starting to make a product we need to buy raw materials, packaging materials, in addition, of course, purchase the proper equipment that will allow us to develop. In all cases we need to contact several suppliers, on the one hand to get prices and quality alternatives and on the other hand assemble a database that us knowledge of the range of inputs that sells each of them and that will be useful for future projects. At the beginning, we are alone, with true ignorance of the category in which we are going to make incursions and a series of elements with which we will begin, including sketches of the formulas, some tests we did at home and at least one reference of a product on the market with similarities to what we want to develop. Then we are dedicated to discuss the project in economic terms, of acceptance of the customer, of the market and the areas that we’re going to cover, aspects that define the initial structure of the company and other elements that contribute to the Assembly of an investment project that will give us the viability of the plan. Once we conclude that the project is viable, as we seek a borrowed place possessing equipment for tests, started to select suppliers of inputs that will make us the first delivery in order to make development tests. With that contexts we can find before choosing the provider? There are three situations, one, the ideal is that entrepreneur who has contacts that bring confidence and thus, providers access to benefits such as purchasing raw materials in quantities smaller than the minimum presentation and disposing of them at any time or the possibility to perform commercial operations without owning a cuit.

The second case is the other extreme, i.e. one that depends on random to find the correct inputs or to conform to the budget set for this first stage. And the third scenario is to be more cautious and devote a small portion of the initial investment advice that resolves the difficulties that might occur and that making a more useful than onerous contract, moreover, can tie to that Adviser to future so that streamline the formulation or get equipments used in good condition or collaborate on finding a space where to make future productions to market. Consider what criteria to make the selection? As it happens in different areas there are distributors, representing national and international manufacturers of various raw materials that up can even cover all our need. Then there are the more specific that traded certain inputs, which in general are representatives from three manufacturers. Of course there are other variants. With respect to the criteria to be considered, for example if you are going to develop a product based on flour is convenient to choose a provider for flour, one for the sugar, one for the flavors, one for fillings and one last covering the rest of the ingredients (thickener, emulsifier, etc.), i.e., decentralize purchase looking for each of the providers is strong in his specialty and simultaneously achieve to avoid relying on a single supplier that It could bring us inconvenient number. Another aspect to take into It has both for tests, that will give the prototypes that we are going to present to potential clients, as the production that we are going to be marketed is preferable to use raw materials of recognized brand and quality. The first impression always has to be the best we can give. Ariel Perez partner Manager Alitecs original author and source of the article Eng.

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