In this in case that, the volume of the reservoir is disdained created by the barrage. The aduo system will have to be projected to lead the discharge necessary to supply the power that takes care of to the maximum demand. The local energy exploitation will be partial and the spillway will almost function in the totality of the time, extravasando the excess of gua.' ' 3 However exactly in advancing to art. 6 of Portaria 28/2003, that it says: ' ' The reservoirs wire d? water for the purpose of this Would carry will be excludos.' ' 1 to 6 enters articles, nothing sees that if not normative it for the accomplishment of archaeological, necessary studies, enterprise that holds depletion band, that is, that it possesss a reservoir d' water. In this it is understood that the hidroelectric enterprise the wire d' water is excluded from the archaeological study? _ Obviously that not. As it would carry it IPHAN 230, of 17 of December of 2002, edited for the Institute of the Historic site and Artistic National it clearly leaves the procedures demanded in the accomplishment of the archaeological study, as in the alert o Prof. Dr. Jose Moraes Luiz: ' ' The study of ambient impact it will develop, at least, the following activities techniques: I – Ambient diagnosis of the area of influence of the project, complete description and analysis of the environmental resources and its interactions, as exist in order to characterize the ambient situation of the area, before the implantation of the project, considering: ) the environment (…); b) the half bitico (…); c) the half socioeconmico. The entrepreneur will order to elaborate and to execute, for its proper expenseses, programs of mitigao and monitoramento of the negative ambient impacts disclosed by the study of ambient impact. The letter of the infra-legal norm inserted the archaeological patrimony in the half socioeconmico, thus express: The use and the occupation of the ground, the uses of the water and the socioeconomia, detaching the archaeological, historical and cultural small farms and monuments of the community (grifo), the relations of dependence between the local society, the environmental resources and the potential future use of these resources.

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