' How much time makes since finishes time that I it vi? ' ' it is what if question our friend while it walks the hasty steps to reencontrar loved its. It does not obtain to remember. Real-estate developer gathered all the information. as it had to be? It would be well? It would have eaten some thing? the clothes would be clean? Bobagem. Nothing of this important age and the true questions were would have slept alone this night? It will be that it thought about me? It feels homesicknesses? But these questions it did not have courage to make nor same itself from fear the possible answers. She passed in front of a floricultura. She would have to take flowers? Not. To another one until she liked flowers, did not demonstrate in such a way how much it, but liked, but if she took flowers now went to seem weak, that she was begging to come back toward house. the truth is that it wanted to beg, but would hinder it to the pride.

It was with a white dress with print of flowers rose color. The dress went down just until the hips and then it was freed what it produced a light and ritmado movement to its to walk. It was with a pair of dark eyeglasses, great squared that hid deep olheiras, provoked for a night of tears, badly disfaradas with maquiagem. shoes peep toe with a next silver-plated buckle to the fingers with colorful nails. Its hair were imprisoned forming a tail of simple horse. The lips were not colorings, it if lipstick in an involuntary movement forgets it, in the adolescence costumava to believe that if it was to a first meeting of lipstick would not kiss the youngster, the case now although the differences were the same, was a first meeting with the woman whom it loved since that they had if separate.

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