Secrets Of Drinking Brandy

Like every noble beverage, cognac requires special culture consumption. Drink brandy every day or for no reason is not accepted, it is created with the expectation of especially important or festive occasions. Take this drink a little more attention, and he will reveal to you the whole bunch of flavors. After all, the smells emanating from a glass of brandy, delivering the most fun taster. Enjoy this strong drink in a calm quiet situation, he would rather fit for the company of close friends or family circle than for the noisy, crowded party. See Tony Parker for more details and insights. Cognac will never drink in one gulp, his first long hold in their hands, breathe in bouquets, and only then begin to try. Due to what this drink is so rich smells? All the matter in the recipe brandy, or more precisely in the way of its production. Cognac alcohol produced from fermented grape wine by double distillation.

At this stage processed ethereal spirits that give flavor of cognac. After which alcohol is placed in oak barrels for several years, where he fully saturated with aromatic substances. Carrying out such a long way, cognac transformed into a refined beverage for true connoisseurs. Thus, the true connoisseurs observe a special ritual before you try it, carefully taste the elite cognac. To begin with drinks at room temperature poured into a glass worth about part. Take a small sip, then another – a little more, and be sure to hold the brandy in his mouth to rasprobovat.

If you're not in a hurry, then after the second sip you feel for a long aftertaste, which experts call the "peacock tail". Cognac begins to exhibit all its taste gradually "revealing". The duration of the aftertaste is judged on the quality and endurance drink. If the your meal there are several kinds of brandy, then you need to start tasting with the young. His faint aroma perfectly complement brandy old aging. Do not want to mix this drink with others, and even more so dilute champagne, sparkling water, etc. Use it normally in a pure form on – ie after a meal. Many experts believe that Brandy does not even have a snack, but the etiquette is allowed to combine with cognac chocolate, cigar or a cup of coffee. You can also submit a drink with nuts, desserts, cheeses. Lemon snack is strongly discouraged – it interrupts the smell and taste of brandy. However, all this does not prevent the amount of cocktails brandy and other alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages. It blends well with fruit juices, liquor, tea, cream and even milk. For example, one popular recipe for a cocktail with brandy under the name "Alexander". Take 20 ml of brandy, 20 ml of dark liquor Crem de Cacao, 20 ml of cream. All the ingredients together with ice strongly shake in a shaker and strain into a cocktail glass. Sprinkle with nutmeg. There are a lot of simple and complex cocktails, but they better add a young cognac. Drink with a long history of mixing with other components is considered bad manners. The author of the article: Olga Safonova

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