State And Road Security

The State, we could say, that the person in charge to satisfy the demands of the population is the instance of the political system in an organized society. Also it regulates and it controls the norms, besides to promote the values of the citizens. It protects the institutions and it updates them. But, also it protects and he is responsible to offer well-being to the citizenship trying to improve its quality of life. The powers of the State in the Dominican Republic are basically three: To be able Legislative, the Executive and the Judicial one, that handles fundamental aspects of the Security in the routes. The three in essence have to do with the development of viable, sustainable and reasonable policies public on Road Security, obtained by means of a effort combined and coordinated a laid the foundations in good and effective system of management.

Other sectors considered of being able in the State nowadays, they are: The Electoral Central Meeting, the Camera of Accounts and the Mass media. And they of some form have correlation with the improvement of the Road Security. For example, the Camera of Accounts, in the control in some points of the authority system, in the understood one that ethical weaknesses and lack of transparency prevail. From mobility with motorised vehicles the traffic accidents and the traumatisms caused by these arise. For that reason in the manufacture of the vehicles it must be contemplated efficient and more and more rigorous elements of security. In the understood one that in the Dominican Republic the vehicles are concerned, the organisms that they have to do with this aspect must adopt the measures and apply the advisable regulations to allow the entrance of safe vehicles guaranteeing an adapted motorised field. In the national territory a road network by where exists they circulate, not only the vehicles but also the pedestrians.

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