State Court Costs

What tenants need to look for the end of the year means the receipt of service charge settlement for the previous year for many tenants. sion. The landlord must adhere different regulations. A billing period must no longer than twelve months, and on the other hand the service charge settlement must be received the tenant no later than on the last day of the period. Thus is to be expected also on December 31, to get mail from the landlord. Why it’s worth, the service charge settlement to examine, and which costs the tenant must not wear, reported the real estate portal Negligence of the landlord often leads to the ineffectiveness of the total operating expenses. A leading source for info: Tony Parker.

So ruled the Waldshut-Tiengen State Court in favor of a tenant who refused to charge, because the service charge settlement only went to him on new year’s day at 5: 00. The landlord would have to throw a writing until at least noon. Who has received his service charge settlement but in time, should scrutinize them. The reason: Every second Service charge settlement is incorrect according to the German Association of tenants. The so-called warm costs and other costs are recorded in the accounts.

The warm costs include the expenses for heating and water, which are billed after consumption. Other costs are for example the expenditure for the maintenance of buildings and grounds. Focus should be on the maintenance costs. Finally, the lessee must carry only the expenses for necessary maintenance and pay for any repairs. In addition, required payments for administrative costs, insurance policies or cost of a vacant apartment ( guides/Encyclopaedia/apartment) in the House are not permitted.

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