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TimoCom does a good job in training! Dusseldorf – the TimoCom is soft – und hardware GmbH, Europe-wide Active IT service provider for the logistics industry by the Federal Agency for work with the certificate for the promotion of young scientists”has been awarded. In a press conference to the Education Fair 2008 / 2009 the local employment agency presented the results for the region at the Head Office of TimoCom in Dusseldorf and praised the company for its commitment. In addition to TimoCom company representatives and the management of the Agency for work of Dusseldorf were also the Managing Director of the CCI of Dusseldorf, the Dusseldorf Chamber of crafts, as well as numerous regional press representatives on the spot. Success means growth. And growth needs staff. For this reason, the TimoCom continuously creates jobs in Dusseldorf and the representative offices in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Since its inception in 1997, the number of employees is of originally four currently 270 employees has risen, which was alone in 2008 Increase 25.6%. The fuel “for these jobs which is Europe-wide leading cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo, a kind of virtual Bulletin Board for the transport industry in 44 European countries.” And also the new tendering platform TC will further increase the demand for workers eBid. The company attaches particular importance to the promotion of young talent. TimoCom the awarded certificate is for honor and incentive at the same time, to expand our commitment in this area in the future. The positive experiences with our trainees have encouraged us in this endeavour”, according to Ralf Breuer, Director of human resources at TimoCom in the press conference. In addition to the societal, Breuer sees also a corporate responsibility: we educate young people to be sure as the demand for skilled workers in the future. TimoCom makes fit for the competition.

We see education as a permanently applied form of human resource development. Peter ways, spokesman of the employment agency, is pleased with the good framework conditions on the Dusseldorf’s education market: the District of Dusseldorf is the best regional education market in North Rhine-Westphalia. The conditions are so favorable, especially due to the involvement of medium-sized companies such as TimoCom”. Benefit from a good education so all: young people, ensuring their professional future with an apprenticeship. And businesses, by securing their corporate success through qualified personnel in the long term. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Public Relations Manager Isabel winking Lahari, M.A..

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