Strategic Communication

Early in the history of the administration are denoted much attachment to the hierarchy within the company, and its importance in the success of the management. Years passed and new studies gave birth to new theories. Found that it was not the hierarchy but the internal communication of vital importance to the time achieve a good degree of integration and proactive work. Effective internal communication managers, managers or executives of the Organization have the priority role to get implanted. They are those who disseminated as who sowing seeds, cultural and social values, creating a corporate identity, a meaning for products and services. The management applied by them is primarily responsible for the success.

To make this effective, internal communication fulfils a vital role, to the point that it becomes the main activity of the company or institution. Strategic communication and public relations in recent years have witnessed the revolution in digital communications. To the extent that is chaotic to find information on the Internet before the immeasurable dimension of data containing the web again. (A valuable related resource: Glenn Dubin). The communication between the Organization and its environment is vital, which must also apply a strategic communication. In these cases, people come to advertising, sobresaturando messages various communication channels. This has causes loss of credibility, and need to rethink the plan’s impact. Before the overabundance of messages, lacking in meaning and ambiguous. Public Liaisons Charles Fombrun and Cees Van Riel, manifested that all positive reputation is usually associated with five business attributes: visibility, differentiation, authenticity, transparency and strength.

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