Subliminal Visual

In fact whenever we are faced with choices, we can consciously decide the choices we make, this according to our will and our desires. We can consciously choose to reject anything. However, our unconscious mind has no capacity to analyze information, and acts according to data he received as if they were true. It is an accepted psychological fact that we are led and influenced by our unconscious impulses. Also influencing the unconscious mind through suggestion, powerful changes can occur quite naturally. The subliminal visual: In the movie, we can replace every second, an image with an image that has nothing to do with the movie (since there are 24 frames per second film it will therefore shown that 417/10.000eme second). Some directors of horror films have thus used images stealth, embedded in the actual images, to enhance the effect of anxiety (eg, in the extended version of The Exorcist by William Friedkin). The subliminal messages are invisible to normal speed.

The eye can see, the viewer will wonder not what he has seen, unless it knows that there is a subliminal image that he seeks and he focuses, he can then catch a glimpse of it, and if the has not seen before, if he knows where it is then it will view it. One example, among many others use the subliminal visual: In the 2000 U.S. election, it was discovered accidentally slipped a subliminal image in the advertisement of George W. Bush. This picture was an insult subliminal “rats” (= “junk”) so that the spot is now to refer to the competitor, Al Gore.

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