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Ultimately faced the reality raised not only in this article, but in the former, the concern that do then manifests itself. Ana Martinez, participant, points out the connection; Suggestions: In a globalized world where competition marks the subsistence in the markets, the quality and strategic planning plays a leading role becoming the basic tool for competitiveness. Venezuelan entrepreneurs should be aware of this and check on their current schemes of survival against the current scenarios in the country that will not stay in time if they disposed of their performances of quality management and knowledge management to minimize costs. This is why that first must be present which is to plan, plan is forecast and decide today what we can do from the present up to a desirable future; It is not to make predictions about the future but make the relevant decisions to make that future happen. It is convenient to the business of the present reality the participation of the functions of markets shaped proactive, innovative, aggressive, favouring a new style to meet the needs of the consumer, in order to cope successfully in the competitive commercial dynamics, having a management of markets that have well-defined, its profile, skills, abilities and functions. To all this must add and remember, in order to adequately develop the work of management and achieve exercise basic responsibilities; a manager must possess skills and techniques both human and conceptual, as well as behavior, implementation strategies, actions, plans and evaluation skills that enable it to make decisions in situations so warrant it.

One of the fundamental elements that managers must understand to be able to aspire to sustained and growing competitiveness levels are called mental models existing in the country. With respect to the skills of behavior ethics you should consider to be able to perceive needs and motives that drive individuals to act and find tools like advertising that facilitate you to achieve the needs of the collectivity in function of the different styles of life. It is essential to the implementation of strategies for maximum use of time and available resources, the culmination of each task directed depending on the achievement of a goal within an atmosphere of harmony, motivation and where there are contingency plans for the prevention of difficulties which can be present and solve them without delay. Support the management of markets in techniques and instruments of research and statistical processing of information, which confers validity and reliability necessary for a successful decision making for organizations in today’s world. Companies that maintain still their productivity if they want to stay in the market must have a marketing management, able to bring about more aggressive plans, backed with new trends that this function has developed and supported by strategies, actions, tactics that meet the demands of the Venezuelan consumer demands.

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