Super Talent

How real is Sylvie van der Vaart the crying of? Busty, penis painter, Fremdscham candidates. At the start of the new season of Super Talent RTL pulls out all the stops. 7,43 million viewers last weekend, thanked them and quietly hired the TV. The success is no accident, the success is made. TNN Critics have noticed that nothing on this show is real. All contents of the consignment is laid down before the start of the recording in a screenplay.

The jury receives instructions, to be assessed as a candidate and to respond as to a representation. “The ex-star Darko Kordic was tearful for the chapter” recruited, his time is a member of the Group 3rd generation “. A supposedly sentimental story is quickly written, at least it seems so. In the interviews, recorded before the broadcast (in July and August!), tells of the 34-year-old; He would find out whether he is singer”. Quite amazing that somebody; for 6 years in a professional band sometimes the lead voice sang, not white if he singer or Painter is. The story is designed that the ensuing tears of Sylvie van der Vaart possibly embarrassing work.

Darko Kordic sang a song by Luther Vandross and moved the poor Sylvie therefore and allegedly to tears. The song is so lame how also unknown, that is hardly imaginable, where the emotion emerged from this should be. The singer is absolutely average in all respects. He has experienced a bad fate, nor done anything on stage what would have to move to tears and still wrestles the woman with it. One might also think that the sentiment was wanted. Probably will be haggled behind the scenes to record contracts and you wanted give the candidates therefore a possible sentimental cost. The presumption does not come by about. Sylvie van der Vaart is a renowned actress, the reported years ago already, the television channel n-tv”. Few people know that so far joined television beauty public only as wife and model in Appearance. “At the end of the show, Ms. Sylvie is so wonderfully contrived laughs” van der Vaart is still demonstrative Bolze, a known how controversial pseudo hypnotist hypnotize, by Martin. “In an interview after the broadcast and recording, Mrs van der Vaart told then: that was really no show!” Interesting and it goes without saying, that she mentioned this comment just by itself, she had asked but no one.

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