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Annotations In A Notebook

Annotations in a notebook On – Heliconia > Spring the custom to write down in a notebook everything what it is to me interesting causes, of indefectible way, a chaos. Treatment of being ordered without obtaining it. To read more … Continue reading

Uncontrollable Fears

The suffering of phobias, that is to say, fears or extreme fears brought about by an object or situation, is one of the upheavals of psychological nature more appellants between the world-wide population. In the majority of the cases they … Continue reading

Personal Relationships

It generally allows to be influenced, the men are less prone to look for a point in agreement with its spouses. If the man is not prepared to share the authority with his spouse, is a great percentage of which … Continue reading

PlayStation Portable

Published new PlayStation Portable title 101 in 1 mega mix! 101-in-1 mega mix is a collection of 101 colorful, entertaining titles of different genres for 1-2 players of all ages. 101-in-1 mega mix for PSP is the latest sequel of … Continue reading

The Office

Sincerely. We settle it invoices and we left the restaurant, in the terrace of one of those great commercial centers. We begin to lower by the mechanical stairs, with serenity. Neither it was in a hurry. I was going to … Continue reading

The Repetition

There its madness bursts in, that in the terms of Yospe implies that () subsists the interpretative of the unconscious one but altered slope, as soon as its knowledge works in the production of an enjoyment that it looks for … Continue reading

Chrome Explorer

The majority of the internauts sails using the Microsoft Internet Explorer that with a 65.71% is used. But, it means this that this navigator is the favorite of the users? , far from it; this only demonstrates that the majority … Continue reading

Confessions To An Educator

Candle has come single. It has begun with the dynamics of always. I approach her. I know that it is what wants. It moves away and she is ***reflxed mng. She is sure that always I am going to go … Continue reading

A Real Case

Missing less than 24 hours to begin the bridge of Easter, we had hired the Hotel in San Sebastian, the itineraries of visits scheduled, all controlled, all? The voice of my wife woke me up to the cruel reality:-you’ve seen, … Continue reading

The Repetition

In spite of the differences between a pulsional model and another one until getting to demarcate the definitive opposition between pulsin of life and pulsin of death, Freud conceives the relations between an element and another one of the pair … Continue reading