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Phil Douglas Jackson

Growing and expanding the number of 'experts' of basketball, who believe that Phil Jackson is time to retire. They say a man has his otsvistel Red's and Auerbach outdo him not to … It's funny, right word! Philip Douglas Jackson, … Continue reading

Biroli – Your Gym In The Door Frame

Exercise equipment for the home and the whole family for fitness and fun of movement in your own home has let Biroli come up with something: A wall in the door frame. It suitable for pull-ups, push-ups at each angle, … Continue reading

Nordic Track

Exercises are generally used in water with support and without support (even adjusting the depth to accommodate the percentage of body weight with which you work, in pools of adjustable water depth), exercises like the stairmaster stairs and work on … Continue reading

Body Relaxing

This sit-ups, push-ups, tilts, turns and stuff. Very simple and convenient way to remove the situational stress and calm your nerves – sit down 50 times, or do 50 push-ups, better in open air. Besides, it's much healthier and more … Continue reading