Talent Management

Tools for successful companies of the future Eltville – Erbach, 5 February 2013 – although the German economy is in unsafe waters, she defies the is otherwise in large parts of Europe gloomier economic development. To maintain this positive economic momentum in the long term, companies should make timely human resource management course for a professional. Talent management must be determined as a major part of the strategic considerations in enterprise. With long-term and international orientation, the looming skills shortage by many experts is already today many companies facing profound challenges human resource management. He leads the need for long-term and internationally oriented personnel management highlighted the company. “Which was often cited for talent ‘ is already everywhere,” says Claudia Schmidt, change expert and Managing Director of Mutaree GmbH and adds: in the talent management agenda item, it is however much more than just that to keep the current employees, some university graduates to attract or professionals immigrant from to be replaced by new hires.

It’s about the future of a company.” High potential employees know their worth talents are now more than ever their talent and their value for a company. You expect more than an open position to fill it from a company. In addition to a fair remuneration, candidates very exactly sure who is your potential new employer. Businesses have a distinct advantage with a good reputation and the importance of an industry here. “At the end there are the companies, the competitive edge talent” use and increased quality, it was safe with products or services on the market can play. HR strategy oriented to corporate culture a structured talent management pursued always predefined goals: to identify key functions and to be filled with top talent. The bringing together of position and talent and a congruent as possible result of the Profiles can become a very challenging task.

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