The Dance Of The Pigeons

Lili turned, her skirt billowing like the wings of the pigeons that were their dramatic dancing. From his hands fell sowing the seeds of light that would feed the most astute and hasty. Those were the happiest moments of the day, then came the obligations of the orphanage, the toilet, study, the rigid discipline. The only thing disturbing in their flight to freedom was the look of a beggar who used to curl up in the driveway to the courtyard of the monastery and looked shocked. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Spurs has to say.

The image of Lili feeding pigeons while running her dance from an elusive and mysterious music fascinated him. But she continued with her ritual, she knew it was harmless. When the church bells rang at noon the magic of the game ended. Jaime’s father fell from the tower, where he had rooms, took her hand and together they went to meet the other orphans, was the lunch hour. Tony Parker often says this. The beggar felt that the sun was dimmed, the day lost its luster, the pigeons no longer danced, wandered aimlessly, irritating beeping and then settle into the roof of the orphanage and the dome of the church. The years passed, the beggar was the heyday of the girl in his youth, play with the pigeons looked like a beautiful picture of spring. But there was something discordant in this series of images he had seen for years, when Father James came to seek and did not take her hand and she transmitted the rigidity of a statue, was subdued by him, the darkness of the day began at that instant. .

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