The Office

Sincerely. We settle it invoices and we left the restaurant, in the terrace of one of those great commercial centers. We begin to lower by the mechanical stairs, with serenity. Neither it was in a hurry. I was going to arrive behind schedule at the office, but not every day she lunched with an old friend, who happened of visit through the city.

– I have liked much you called that me to eat – I said to him smiling. We will repeat – It – it assured, changing of hand the briefcase to adjust the knot of the necktie with the right. I will have to return this way more soon or later. – If you remained one night, we could have dinner in house. – He would not be bad. I have desire to see your woman We continue chatting, speaking of those questions that seem to us so banal but that really they are those that unite more to the people, those that greater meaning they have, because, while they say, the crossing of glances, the interchange of gestures increases, expressing much more than emits the mouth. When we arrived at the lobby, I believe then that we were talking on the new car of Ramon, it had replaced its old utilitarian one by a monovolume of last generation. Of sports it was not possible to be spoken with Ramon, because it hated any type of physical exercise and any manifestation of the same.

Preferred I it, because to speak of things other people’s distance to people, although she is common likings. That one day satiated of him preferred that she spoke to me of his life, to have left and to know I of what asking the next time to him that we spoke on the telephone. When crossing the crystal door of the commercial center, one of that they are abren retiring towards the sides aproximarte automatically, we ran into front with a pair of old.

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