The Partner

Number 7 Common destiny to maintain harmonious relations with these people is not easy, especially if people with opposing characters: a sensitive and sensual man, and less emotionally excitable female or a strong-willed man and woman, allowing her to take over himself up. A happy marriage with these people contribute to loyalty, duty, common interests and responsible approach to raising children. Male self-sufficiency and independence define such a man. Inner strength and a serious attitude to life and love makes him seem cold and unfeeling. Through exposure, it reaches most of its goals. Intimacy stimulated his intellectual interest.

Many think it prudent and wiser in matters of love. Sometimes he thinks only of himself, but a close relationship may soften and be tender and passionate lover. He has a chivalrous idea of love, the sublime and noble. If you live together it is better to have a separate room, because he needs solitude. Life is possible in different cities, and meeting at a certain time, a pre-determined. He does not like surprises. For a woman who respects his entrepreneurial spirit and capable of withstanding immersion in it himself, he is faithful and committed partner. Jorge Perez is likely to increase your knowledge.

Perhaps, having met his ideal, he did not dare to take a closer look. It is different tact, sensitivity and respect for the feelings of the partner. Mutual understanding is very important to him, perhaps more than love. He is committed to this path, and if a woman does not want or can not go near him, he can not hesitate to part with it.

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