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We will work with the symbols (plates) so that the pupils can identify its meaning, making a relation with the daily one, its importance in diverse environments. a stroll for the will be done, identifying the not-verbal texts, gifts in the place, where the same ones will have to draw the joined symbols giving its respective meanings. It will be finished with an exposition of all the material, promoting the socialization of some readings made for the attended ones so that the same ones perceive the importance of the reading as entertainment form, information, imagination, scientific, artistic knowledge, amongst others. ‘ ‘ In the wings of literature’ ‘ it leaves as proposal in all the nuclei, the initiative of a , follow in annex. Units of stories? Teatrais workmanships? Periodicals (news articles and the news). Articles of opinion? Interviews? B ulas of remedies? Prescriptions? Comics magazines? Letters? Leves of crafts? Bristol boards? Shears? Paper works with wood? Hidrocor? Glues? Texts with instructions? Brochures? Acknowledgments? Announcements? Images? Plates of Signalling. Magazines, Books, Charges, periodicals, poems etc.

10 EVALUATION the evaluation is an ample and complex instrument that must be used during all the learning process to diagnosis the effectiveness of education, what it must be remained and/or be resignificado during practical the pedagogical one, so that a learning happens each more significant time. According to Tyler (1975, pg. 101) ‘ ‘ … exist many ways to get given on behavior changes and sample that, when we speak of evaluation, do not have in mind an only method, nor two or three particular methods of avaliar’ ‘ , that is, the necessary educator to understand that everything can can be evaluation object and this instrument cannot be summarized only to a questionnaire of questions. Therefore, by understanding that the act to evaluate is something procedural, the pupils will be evaluated during all the process of participative form and through the construction of panels and wall, contend all the activities elaborated for the attended ones in elapsing of the development of the project.

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