The Victories

Generally the schools stimulate few children for practical of competitions. Many against diverse how much to the competitions for children, but we must to remember that, since the primrdios of our existence, we compete to survive. The man by itself lives in a perpetual competition, either in the work, in the college, with friends, its natural abilities, the nature. He fits now asking in them: how to compete? That is, without the obligation to earn, he does not advance to place children of eight years in a competition, and twist to cry out, to drive crazy the children in search of the victory. He is very better to stimulate them and through the competition, to teach on the lived experiences, learning with the victories and the defeats.

But the biggest problem of the competitions for the School is not the competition in itself, but the selective process, that is, a School of formation of talentos. We do not have to forget our paper to educate and to start to give a privileged treatment most adept. We must give to the same attention to all the pupils, independent and solidarity, if we desire to compete, that let us stimulate all the participants. That the champion has exactly value of the loser, that if gives prizes to all, that the children find pleasure through and not, that they are felt inferiorizadas by losing. 2,4 SYSTEMS OF PREPARATION OF the YOUNG FUTEBOLISTAS Weineck (2000) ' ' the process of preparation of the future professional players occurs in long stated period. Some stages must be respected, therefore they are known as sensible phases of the motor development, facilitate the motor intervention in the practical one at different moments. The general preparation if relates to the aspects of the movement (motor) and physiological and in this group of exercises, the young must be stimulated objectifying the enrichment of vocbulo motor and the aspect funcional' '.

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