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However, the fiancee of a man should already used to his antics. In any case, the proposal can not be done 'among others', including reflections on the work and the dollar. Since your partner may be caused suspicion that you're not really sure the correctness of his action. For the successful outcome of the case important point is how favorable the circumstances in which made a marriage proposal. Your partner may be just enough disgusting state that will give a negative answer, without hesitation, but after some time, can greatly regret it. However, the word – not a sparrow, fly, will not catch. Remember, the offer of marriage should not be to do: – If your darling troubles at work (the institute) – if she had quarreled with her best friend or parents – if she's tired – if she was unwell – if you had a falling out before – if your fiancee is drunk and unable to appreciate the seriousness of what is happening – if you're both 'take a drop too much'; offer is best done sober mind and mind, in an easy, relaxed atmosphere, with an eye the eye (for example, during an evening stroll, or sitting at a table cozy restaurant).

Making an offer, a man must watch his beloved's eyes. You can take her gently by the hand. No matter how sound the proposal – it has to go from the heart! Once you do have a proposal and to receive a positive answer, the rest of the day is best to hold together, not necessarily alone with each other. You can go to a nightclub and a rapidly celebrate the upcoming wedding. Agreeing among themselves, young people must communicate their intentions to their parents. On the appointed day and hour at exactly the specified time groom in a suit with two bouquets of flowers (one for future bride, the other – for her mother) pays a visit to the girl's parents. The visit should be brief.

Him well timed to any family holiday. In this case, communication will take place in a more relaxed atmosphere amongst Holidays trouble around the table. If the girl's father to the soul of a young man, he puts the right hand of his daughter's future son-in-hand. Following the formal betrothal the groom presents his bride to his parents. Girl gives a future mother-in-a bouquet of flowers. In our time, to introduce his bride to the groom's parents do not necessarily, though, given the rules of etiquette and unwritten laws of the hostel, we recommend you do it. If you are at odds with his parents, the future of wedding can be a good occasion for . Otherwise, you risk even more to increase the gap between you. If the parents of the young are far away, and there is no possibility of their to visit or invite to join me in this case, young parents should send a photo darling (darling) and ask permission to marry. After wooing the young agree about the upcoming wedding and appoint its date.

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