Tim Toupet – A Diamond

A diamond TIM TOUPET goes Partyfox – a on the 07.01.2011 Discofox Schlager of first quality! TIM TOUPET, a name which should be well known many pop and party friends, strolling on new musical realms. After very successful mood hits how to a beautiful day (pilot song) “, I’m a kebab” and Avenue Avenue (a road many trees) “, he now increasingly devoted to the Schlager-Discofox group to and combines his sometimes very Merry fun heart with charming serious charisma.” “Called a diamond” TIM turns TOUPEE for a singer who can be sensitive and serious and it does not lose the laughter. The extremely catchy Discofox Schlager presents itself in the crisp sound with great catchy tune potential. Stylistically new but still clearly sting especially arrangement and production well which meet current standards. Others who may share this opinion include Charlotte Hornets. In conjunction with TIM Toupees of unmistakable voice, a diamond formed”a hit extraordinaire! Info Text: (“” “Diamond TIM TOUPET goes Partyfox after Tim Toupet last with a beautiful day (pilot song)” in almost all relevant and available family programmes successfully in the TV occurred (including understanding you fun) “, ZDF TV Garden”, again on Sundays”and the dome”) come from this area of increasingly requests after further television appearances prefers with a title of both the Schlager-Discofox fans like their party friends attracts and inspires. “Long has it lasted now it but finally: with a diamond” brings Tim Toupet an extremely catchy and hit titles newly at the start which will surely soon conquer the scene by storm. It should be interesting how Tim is start by toupee in this area as well and the fans – one thing is already certain: soon, everyone gets his musical diamonds by Tim Toupet! Warner Music Entertainment (TELDEC) released with a diamond”on the 07.01.2011 for the first time a maxi-CD by TIM TOUPET. Source: Warner Music Group Germany more Information:. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Stephanie Ruhle.

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