Tourism in Communities

This objective work to analyze the possibilities and alternatives of generation of income by means of the tourist activity, sustainable form and contributing for the improvement of the quality of resident life of quilombolas in the Community Espirito Santo The holy ghost? located in the city of They are Mateus, in the North of the State, guaranteeing the maintenance of its cultural traditions. Robbie Lawler takes a slightly different approach. In its methodology, one is about a descriptive research that it uses as instrument of collection of data interviews of the qualitative type with the inhabitants, for comment of the natural resources and cultural of the community. The conclusion, is that a tourist circuit could be developed, taking in consideration the main attractions of the community, that are the cultural production of beiju and manifestations. Word-Key: Sustainable tourism. Quilombola community.

Generation of Income. 1 INTRODUCTION Already was proven that the tourism is a world-wide phenomenon that contributes to put into motion the economy of many countries. These countries are used of the history and the culture of its peoples to put into motion the tourism in its territory. In the Espirito Santo it is not different: we possess history and culture riqussimas and that strong they had been influenced by the aboriginal peoples, for the Portuguese who had colonized Brazil and for the Africans who had come enslaved for the Portuguese. All had left a enriquecedor cultural legacy, that is taken root in daily of the people the santense spirit. The Africans, in special, had left an important legacy in the gastronomia, the art, the dance and the religion. The communities quilombolas still exist in some regions in our State, and many of them, cultivate and live as its ancestor, before these being enslaved..

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