Tourist Sites in Barcelona

During the visit to Barcelona, only for a tourist, in few days it must face the problem to decide what to visit. The problem already has been mentioned, complica still more with the great amount of information available, as well as with the advising and the met opinion of the friendly, relatives and. The ten first following positions, have the intention to give to the tourists an idea of the places that must visit, only must adapt to their availability of time. From the regressive account is the Olympic Port, located in the district of the Barceloneta, its capacity allows him to welcome a considerable number of sport boats. It is the perfect place to go to eat seafood. The attraction most important in the interior to visit, is the Museum of History of Catalonia. Number nine, is Olympic Anillo, that is the sport installation kit in the Olympic Games that are carried out from 1992. It is made up of the Olympic stage, the swimming swimming pools Bernat Picornell, the tower of Calatrava, Palau Sant Jordi and the National Institute of Physical education of Catalonia.

Number eight is the Parc of the Ciutadella, the perfect combination between nature, architecture and entertainment. Number seven is the Spanish Town. It represents the architecture of the different regions from Spain. It is a conjunction of Castilian, the Aragonese and the building of Andalusian, streets Basque, Catalan Gallego and quarters of a Dominican convent. Within the village, are restaurants, coffees, bars, stores, discotheques, among others, that can be found. Number six is the Gothic District of which according to the described thing by the Lonely Planet it is a classic medieval labyrinth of narrow and winding streets, little colorful places and wonderful structures of the time sea bream of the city. Number five is the sources of Montjuc. From the Place of Espanya to the National Palau for the route of the sources and cascades that can be found, being the Magical Source of the director due to the combination of music one, lights and marks of water.

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