Traditional Foods

Special drinks, gifts and works of art foods cause that the Christmas dinner is a familiar event very hoped and that in many countries of the world, this Christmas dinner is the most important event throughout the year. Each friendly family or circle who meets to celebrate the Christmas dinner can add her own variations and flavors of these traditional foods, but also they are possible to be seen that many of foods used for Christmas dinner are common in many homes. The cakes of Christmas are one of the foods of Christmas that the same inspire the spirit of the celebrations by the old woman young people and. The cakes can easily be found in the lots and baskets of Christmas. Also he is common that the families meet to prepare their own cakes, doing the forms preferred by each person for his Christmas cakes. The turkey is another food that is used world-wide for Christmas dinners reason why many lots and baskets of Christmas have including this food.

The turkey is a food that is really delicious and that has different forms from preparation that makes that the turkey as Christmas dinner can be an attractive food. The cocktails, the wines and other drinks are very desired for you accompany dinner by Christmas, since the time of Christmas is normally one season cold in many countries and these drinks can offer a little heat for the evening of the Christmas dinner. All these foods of Christmas are enjoyed in the dinner of Christmas. Nevertheless, the foods of Christmas that normally are reserved for the great day are an event very waited for. Traditional dinners of Christmas probably will have other possibilities different from the turkey, such as the ham of duck, goose roast or in smaller degree, the meat of rabbit. Along with the meat, the foods of Christmas include for their filling a number of different vegetables like the maize, the onion, brcoli, the pumpkin, the Pope and sauce of bilberries. In a dinner of worthy Christmas of his name also they are possible to be found a great variety of tempting desserts. The pies of fruit, pudding of figs, bread of pumpkin and spurted of pies also many lots and baskets of Christmas can be found in. Some of the most popular types of pasties are the pie of apple, pumpkin, minced meat, the chocolate and the pie of lemon meringue.

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