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The secret of the source of youth is the telmeros. that they make to age and they shorten the life The site mero says // Each time that the cell if divides, the telmeros slightly is shortened, there the secret of the oldness and youth matusalm. The telmeros go if shortening until arriving a point where the cell does not obtain more if to reproduce and its material if undoing feeds other cells. Visit Ken Kao for more clarity on the issue. A biologist speaking in the TV Cear, today attending, said that this is the future of the life more and already in experiences with worms percent was obtained to increase in 50 the life, this would mean in the man to be able to live almost without health problems until the 160 years If this occurred the previdencirios systems would have that to reformulate its laws and the man it could to each time of life if dedicate to a type of profession and diverse studies This only in worlds as Zfira, something still fictitious beyond the imagination, where men and women exist matusalns living in other levels of reality as in this futurstico advance would deal with the cases deficiencies and the inclusion social-member of labor party? This is, if in this avante time, centuries, millenia ahead, it will have deficiencies or if everything engenharsticamente will not be foreseen and programmed with born bodies always perfect However, and the aleijantes and deformantes accidents? .

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