Ukrainian Opportunities

New opportunities for business Ukrainian market of GPS-monitoring emerged relatively recently, but has already attracted the attention of the transport and logistics companies thanks to the new opportunities that are opening up their business. About What opportunities do you mean? Let's talk about this on the example of information control system of transportation navigation Teletrack, developed by the Ukrainian company RCS. System 'Teletrack', in addition to the basic functions of location object provides a number of additional interesting and useful features. For example, to the onboard controller can be connected to sensors (fuel, alarm systems, doors, etc.). Movie star may find this interesting as well. Then, in addition to information about location of the car, you can learn when and where the car is recharged when the doors open cargo bay. Intelligent software automatically notifies the dispatcher to reject the object from given route of going beyond the control area, tripping the sensors. Here are a few possible applications of the system: security of Georgia. If a car or a container fitted with a GPS-monitoring, You can at any time to know exactly where he is at this moment and restore all its previous route.

System can be configured to automatically informed manager to reject the object from the specified route in advance or on triggering sensors (eg, opening and closing the container or cargo bay). In the case of vehicle theft remains the possibility to trace the route of its movement and to take appropriate action. Permanent or selective monitoring routes, comparing them with preset in the travel pages, the analysis of the vehicle's mileage can be easily identified (and present evidence) diversion use of motor vehicles, or as they say, 'flight left.

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