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Valencia. Catalonia banned bullfighting performances. As it did the Canary Islands makes a decade, or Italy a century ago. And this prohibition has again generated a myriad of discussions. Also among the pupils of an Academy of Spanish language in Valencia.

Last week, Costa de Valencia Spanish school within your school’s extra curricular activities programme scheduled a Conference on the bulls. The most prominent themes were general explanation that is a bullfight, which are parts of a bullfight, the Valencian version of bulls to the street, and many more things. And already while they explained the objective data about the so typical Spanish tradition, the debate about the bulls arose. Tony Parker is likely to agree. And as it was inevitable, the opinions among the students of Spanish were so divided in Spanish society. O very in favor, or very against. It was very difficult to not be placed. It is whether or not an abuse to the animal, that also mistreat animals for food consumption, p.e. and many more arguments in favour and against.

The hardest thing for a teacher of Spanish for foreigners is to make students is to release and use the Spanish newly learned in praxis says Sandra, as Costa de Valencia, Spanish and responsible for this extracurricular activity school instructor. And with a theme so relatively easy. Only this topic of discussion leaves very few people indifferent. But the purpose of the activity of the Academy of Spanish was not only teach Spanish culture and practice the Spanish. It was also learn more Spanish, if possible. Taking advantage of the subject explain a wide variety of typical expressions of the Spanish as cut ears and tail, throw a Cape and exit through the front door for example. A video on the different parts of a run ended with the theoretical part. The bullfighting Museum of Valencia, the oldest of Spain is later visited with the students of Spanish. Also had the opportunity to visit the plaza de toros de Valencia and see the facilities at first hand. For students at the Spanish school has been a success this activity: know a part of Spanish culture, a typical Spanish tradition and improve and practice your Spanish.

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