Verger Study

The study of Verger it approaches the consequences of the medieval intellectuality and its linking with the creation of a new institution of education: the university. For this historian, we can define the origins of this corporation of education from its relations with the papal power on the existing schools already. In this direction, of the point of view of Verger, if it cannot understand the origins of the universities without considering the social events that had marked the medieval Ocidente of century XIII. Learn more at this site: Related Group. Accurately therefore, the author ties such origins with the main historical aspects of this period. As thematic diverse part of the meeting of medieval in the workmanship Thematic dictionary of the Medieval Ocidente, in the coordination of Jacques Le Gof and Jean-Claud Schmitt and with the coordination of translation of Frank Hilrio Jnior; the chapter that speaks on the universities makes an analysis of points importantssimos that they help to understand the formation and some changes of an institution that today becomes current, however with marcantes historical traces of the Medievo since of century XIII. As strong medieval inheritance, the universities had appeared from a special form and strenghtened of preexisting pertaining to school institutions, forming a parallelism with the ressurgimento of the importance of the cities and a society repleta of formal intellectual demand that not only enclosed the religious sector, however even though lay politician and. This application was handled and watched, a priori, for the catolicismo and finished serving as half to accent plus a great medieval contribution in the field of the historical research with sufficiently ample production that assists in the studies on one period that still lives between us, mainly in the cultural aspect.

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