Verka Serduchka

A bass player? What would have no bass? Yes, nothing would. Bass is the foundation of music, from his entire harmony repelled. A guitar? Music would be empty if it fell silent. K What all this water? Moreover, the singer, though important pepper, but respect for his musicians should be. The ratio of type 'Yes you do I just need a background "can shove their far away. It is selfishness, and the audience did not appreciate, because you're on stage, in full view.

Now, about where to put your hands have many – painful problems. God forbid do not be in the hands of a guitar or a microphone – get lost and forget about everything. Someone is twisting in the hands of the microphone cable, while he did not node, the other holding a guitar, like a trophy, sometimes pretending that plays Barray. Buy a large mirror. Home every day to go before him, imagining that you are on the scene. Think what you will do with my hands on What emotions. For example, in the climactic places you elbows to the side and clenched his fists raised his hands, or even as anything, here is all depends on your imagination. Simultaneously work on facial expressions to mask indifference was not present on your face.

Do not let your hands hang limp, like sausages, let it be at least some meaningful movement. If fantasy is not enough, then watch the well-known performers, analyze their traffic and get something on the arms (for God's sake, do not copy one to one). In general, if you have a problem with where to put his hands – rehearse in front of the mirror and think ahead. When you feel that can do without a mirror, then try to do the same before the party listener, it is quite another matter. If the listener (your friend or relatives) can not find your movements awkward and inappropriate, it's okay. If say that you look like a clown – boldly cut veins. Joke. Just ask advice from someone more competent. And maybe it makes sense to apply for the choreographer? Movement on the stage – is another important issue, depending on music style movement may be very different. A disadvantage of many singers is their inability to move well and plastic. If a rock is enough to jump and shake Haeri, in some modern R N B song is a number will not pass. There is not enough without the choreography. Specific advice on how you build your own show, I will not give you, and nobody will. Here much depends on the music, the text of what you are trying to convey, and of the image, in the end. Only one piece of advice – do not copy someone very famous – it could easily pass for a bad parody. For example, there was a case – we played with the band at the bottom of the town, and before we came on stage the guy who portrayed Verka . It was a parody of a parody. She just wanted to spit. So be original. If you sing something known, for example, doing a cover of a popular song that is on everyone's lips, then in any case, do not copy voice, manner and style of the original. You still can not sing the same way, but only prove that you are not original – even if you remove the voice of one in one. Imitation and copying of important and useful in the learning stage, but not on the scene.

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