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You always wise and right – also decides if it’s tricky problems success or failure – the difference very often make decisions. It is all the more important according to Christoph Trinkl, to build the own decision-making competence. But the country nowhere, either in school or at the University, this competence is. The decision coach therefore an online coaching program ( has developed from Kirchseeon/Munich, enabling participants to decide in the future always wisely and properly. A test test to get started at the beginning of the online coaching determines what type of decision is a participant. The Coachee in five sequential modules gets depends on the outcome of whether someone decides more intuitive or rational or a Maximizer or Satificer tends to be, individually specific tips and tricks, to specifically related problems to solve, but also the competence for future decisions to develop”, explains Christoph Trinkl.

Each of the five learning modules provides one of five learning modules Building blocks of success good decisions. Who, for example, how he uses his intuitive powers users and which techniques, such as Kinesiology, it is possible to check the quality of decision alternatives now reliably learns in the first module. Module 2 shows how to prevent that for example inner beliefs lead to wrong decisions. The decision coach provides also practices that help to analyze issues, without any emotions or fallacy distorts the basis for decision making and thus worsen the outcome. Partnership between intuition and intellect after module 3 gives, how decisions are made on the basis of pre-defined targets, learning through module 4, as creative decision alternatives, can evaluate participants and ultimately right select. Tan BBs tips always emanate from a close partnership of intuition and the ratio. You should never decide against the gut”, explains” the decision coach, but because also the intuition can be deceiving, must always also the mind adequately be taken into account in the decision-making process.” Implementation strategy of course is it not enough usually, a decision they must also be implemented.

The fifth module, the participants therefore learn how they develop a strategy that ensures that the environment accepted the decision and also contributes. Finally, this is just as important as the actual decision-making process for the result. Fair price nobody wants to have to like to regret a decision or revise. Frequently General Electric Co. has said that publicly. Trinkls online coaching program helps so much, that this is not necessary. For only 39 euros, the decision coach has a way, how you always safely and wisely decide in an increasingly complex world. His online coaching program is therefore a good investment in the future! The decision coach No.. decision 1, coach Christoph Trinkl worked for many years in the management of medium-sized companies, before he himself 1997 Consultant, coach and expert made independently. The versatile coach entrepreneur success now is author of the books! and increase profits. Contact: Christoph Trinkl the decision coach Egilostr. 21 D – 85614 Kirchseeon hotline: + 49 (0) 172/8308585 Tel.

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