Visitors – Recommended For Viewing

Early in the morning over twenty-nine major cities hovered alien craft. The aliens call themselves the visitors, and they say that they came to the world. Their home is hundreds of light years from Earth, and they need water and earth minerals. Instead they reveal earthlings their technology, and state of eternal friendship between our civilizations. They are lying. In fact, everything is different: visitors have been living among the people, taking root in our society under the guise of. They everywhere: in government, large companies, in the churches.

They do not want a long war. Click San Antonio Spurs to learn more. Their goal – to destroy humanity one concise blow, and now it is time to make a decisive move. Visitors stand in the open, as our friends, surely bringing a time when we can deliver a quick and deadly blow to the back. Winning the love and trust of the people – they got into the hands of strong trump cards. "Earth" story built around Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her son. Eric – an fbi agent (as if it may sound hackneyed, but the character is really interesting), and she did not initially believe suddenly appeared prischeltsam. Despite the apparent primitiveness and hackneyed plot – episode quite interesting, and captures the first series.

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