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Please consult what holds the year 2010 in terms of shoes for you, exclusive I m walking. The world of astrology is a fascination for themselves. Some like it, some don’t. I m walking has consulted the stars and put together the individual shoe trends for each horoscope. But as it is so beautiful, per aspera ad astra – the way to the stars is difficult. Not an issue for you. Because the I m walking star Council leads directly to the Schuhtingstars and gives you tips to inspire you on your fashionable shoe way.

For born under the zodiac sign Capricorn the shoe-star I gave m walking the following: your color: you feel good with colors that support your classic style. To black, Brown, dark blue, but also once set a fiery accent in red. Your preferences: You love everything exclusive, as long as it is straightforward. Success attracts you, and so you also dress up. As a Capricorn, you have a strong sense of quality and good taste. This value set to clear conditions and a clear style that is so classic and timeless. You may want to visit real-estate developer to increase your knowledge. You want to achieve something in your life, and follow that with perseverance and determination. Their companions must be so resilient and reliable.

Shoes just that deliver what they promise, and pursue the same clear line as you. Therefore, you will appreciate the competence of. Well, was your more interested? Then just one click you are missing to be closer to the shoe stars. Capricorn Capricorn Aquarius Aquarius fish fish RAM RAM Bull Bull twins twins Cancer cancer lion lion Virgin Virgin scale scale Scorpion Scorpio Sagittarius h bless I m walking wishes you lots of fun on the trip through the Astro sky. I m walking – shoes with the way of life I m walking – shoes with way of life is one of the largest shoe suppliers in the mail order business in Germany. Besides now 4 catalogues per year shoe shipper under offers over 5,000 articles and 140 brands, which are supplemented by the latest news weekly. The lifestyle offering by I m walking mostly consists of fashionable women’s shoes in superior quality, added to men’s, children’s and sports shoes, and fashion accessories. Already more than 800,000 customers appreciate the “shoes with the way of life” of many well-known brands, as well as the simple and uncomplicated service. More information about I m walking you see on the Internet under: shoes ending / Boots shoes onlineshop/Lady’s shoes shoes onlineshop/men’s shoes shoes novelty/children shoes shoes ending/brand shoes suche.imwalking.de/q/airstep press contact: eCommerce: Knut Barth Tel. 09572-91 in 1801, fax – 1737, E-Mail image and sample requests: Tamara Bajwa Tel. 09572 – 91 3178, fax – 113178, E-Mail Contact: I m of walking Knut Barth mailbox 103063 40021 Dusseldorf 09572911801 press contact: I m walking Knut Barth Bahnhofstrasse 10 96224 Burgkunstadt 09572 / 911801

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