White Magic

What God has given to us is called nature, live according to her is the way of the white magic for the money and follow the straight path of good is learning to be a good white Mage. To work in our consciousness and spirituality we wake up to the mysteries of the universe and does not want another way to act based on its perfect harmony.We combine our energy with the Cosmos and thus nourishes our power and it is given us to alter our environment in a positive way. To understand these principles of white magic is called knowledge and reach to I true, creative, powerful and beneficial is called the wisdom of white magic.We must refine the maximum our intuition and clairvoyance, therefore it is necessary to have a pure life in the light path. Does not mean that we elect to celibacy, and that it is not given us all worldly pleasures to enjoy, but we must do so understanding their true nature and not letting it dominate us vices the superficialidades. You should find a balance between our human nature, reason, and the purity of our hearts.We must, at the absorb knowledge, reasoning it and make it consistent with other knowledge and our personal experience.No point in crowding out the mind with plenty of theoretical data and put them into practice to take a wrong posture. For this purpose should be perceptive and to apply the knowledge do so on the basis of the principles that we have seen. It is not valid to know all kinds of spells without having desentranado its deeper meaning, because in this way we will have erudition and not wisdom; We won’t be able to practise in a satisfactory manner and this is, at last, after all, the most momentous part of the entire process.

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