Whole Line

How do you keep children working condition? – It's not complicated. We are working on their own technique, which has been tested by time. Throughout the session, we made several breaks – is active warm-up, for example, play "touch the hairy. " Vodyaschy calls a sign of the selected object to them: red, rough, cold. Each task – to find this item and touch it. Who touched the last one – it becomes a driving.

The game allows you to develop attention, intelligence, speed of reaction. But this is to workout. During the same work we are constantly vary the task: to logic, to the knowledge on the sharpness. We encourage the children's initiative and desire to be on the lookout. Often happens that the children give the correct answer, which was not foreseen author of the textbook! Workbook, which falls into my hands, almost three hundred pages. Heavy. For high school students.

If you pick up a dozen pages, dwell on the task at speed reading: in front of you a text written in the form of "Christmas trees". It is necessary to read the text, stopping sight in the center of each line, where the line passes. Try stopping sight in the center, to see the whole line, even wider. The text is really a "Christmas tree": the printed page in the middle, it is wider each successive line earlier. The task of reading – to see the entire line as a whole. Try for yourself. It becomes immediately funny – my eyes out of habit every now and then jumping on top of the line.

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