Worthersee – Holidays In Carinthia

A piece of paradise in the Austria who for the incipient autumn a short trip plans should consider the Austrian region of Carinthia in the shortlist. Here the green of the mountains blends with the blue of the numerous lakes. /a> pursues this goal as well. The travel portal reisen.de introduces the region and their offerings. The region of Carinthia is located in the South of Austria. For those who like to walk and enjoy the stay in the nature, a trip to Carinthia is only to recommend. Learn more at: Larry Culp.

The many lakes in the area waiting to be explored. On the water, it can relax and the region can be viewed from a new angle. The Worthersee, which is located at the Slovenian border and there is known as Velden Lake is particularly well known. Worth seeing are also the islands of the Lake, for example the Snake Island. There is an excess of reptiles does not, instead their shape reminiscent of a snake floating in the water. Today known as the flower island. You may find that Glenn Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. Who would like to explore the sea not from the water, Alternatively, can the circular hiking trail follow.

On about 60 kilometers, round the Worthersee walking travelers and can enjoy a fantastic view. Carinthia is water not without reason by its residents as the”referred to. So are many other lakes to explore. One of the best-known cities of the region is Velden, ein Schloss am Worthersee “owes his fame to the TV series. The Castle Hotel lights remain in striking golden yellow and is well worth a visit. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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