Monthly Archives: January 2013

White Magic

What God has given to us is called nature, live according to her is the way of the white magic for the money and follow the straight path of good is learning to be a good white Mage. To work … Continue reading

Magic Decks

Since Evolution Goya we invite you to discover our fantastic shop specializing in board games. In our shop you can enjoy a super toy library where you can play with your friends or other opponents a multitude of Board games … Continue reading

Daily Magic

Well let’s go then to follow the steps. If it is convenient for you if you can pick up a book and summarize it for not to lose detail and that the process will be most successful. This method originated … Continue reading

Multiple Intelligences

On the basis of the citation of AXE, Luiz. Superinteligncia. Rio De Janeiro, Qulitymark, 2005, p.104., can be cited the studies of Gardner (1994/1995), which had been decisive for the substitution of the unidimensional paradigm for the multidimensional one, affirming … Continue reading


This scene persists in our time, but of one it forms oppressor, disqualified and antiethical, blocking talentos, innovative abilities and ideas. The man and the work are permeados by a socializador and ethical environment that if reproduces in the actions … Continue reading