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Educational Games

When speaking of education in house we spoke almost always of methods, concrete pedagogies, resources for tal o cual area, and we did not comment much that we used like educative material the table games, to develop all type of … Continue reading

The Office

Sincerely. We settle it invoices and we left the restaurant, in the terrace of one of those great commercial centers. We begin to lower by the mechanical stairs, with serenity. Neither it was in a hurry. I was going to … Continue reading

The Repetition

There its madness bursts in, that in the terms of Yospe implies that () subsists the interpretative of the unconscious one but altered slope, as soon as its knowledge works in the production of an enjoyment that it looks for … Continue reading

Olympic Games Special

” to you; (Shabat 31a). Oscar Pistorius, a South African athlete to whom being baby they amputated both legs due to a degenerative malformation. Today he represents an example for all since in spite of his limitations profit to be … Continue reading

Chrome Explorer

The majority of the internauts sails using the Microsoft Internet Explorer that with a 65.71% is used. But, it means this that this navigator is the favorite of the users? , far from it; this only demonstrates that the majority … Continue reading

Confessions To An Educator

Candle has come single. It has begun with the dynamics of always. I approach her. I know that it is what wants. It moves away and she is ***reflxed mng. She is sure that always I am going to go … Continue reading

Inside The Director

Inside The Director JOSE GARCIA My dear Joe is so cute who do not know where to begin to describe it. The objective of these conversations that I want to show is that they know a little inside these young … Continue reading