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Greece Chapter

Record the following: the air, which differs in particular substances by rarefaction and condensation. By becoming more subtle becomes fire, when condensed into wind, then cloud, even more condensed water, earth and stone, all other things are produced from these. … Continue reading

Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini Meditation is a meditation active Osho. This type of meditation is recommended for people with anxiety and excess energy, and for people who want to experience a new way to meditate enjoying the physical movement both internally and externally. … Continue reading


Technology selection of sales managers This article focuses on one of the latest technology on the selection of sales managers, which combines elements of all existing methods of recruitment. Provided compliance with all applicable requirements, it can guarantee 100% results. … Continue reading

Phil Douglas Jackson

Growing and expanding the number of 'experts' of basketball, who believe that Phil Jackson is time to retire. They say a man has his otsvistel Red's and Auerbach outdo him not to … It's funny, right word! Philip Douglas Jackson, … Continue reading

The Role

In the musical "Cats" were the moments where permitted improvisation. That is why Performance has always been lively and different each time. That you work in musicals was the easiest? The musical – a synthetic genre, where an actor should … Continue reading