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Tape Drive Prize

The prize was awarded on the film’s American director Terrence Malick. The film by Almodovar, the piel que habito, is out of the award. American director Terrence Malick The Tree of life film received the Palme d’Or in the 64 … Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Jimi Hendrix Kurt Cobain And The 27 Club

The tattoos on Marcelo D2, Brazilian rapper, honor not only his children but his musical heroes, including Jimi Hendrix. By LARRY ROHTER THE tattoos on the body of the Brazilian rapper Marcelo D2 are more than decorations; they are also … Continue reading

Krasnodar Services

Because of its convenience in terms of geography of Krasnodar attend a large number of tourists from many corners of not only our Motherland, but also foreign nationals. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion. Understand the infrastructure, organization … Continue reading

Georg Lukcs Politics

The civil society has its proper institutions to take the claims to the State, being been the political parties the main institutions, but also the social unions and movements. He standes out despite not to have itself to confuse civil … Continue reading

Rapid Lessons

Conclusion: The lessons at this age do not give such a rapid result, as in the classroom with older age groups, but this result is very stable and remains on the rest of his life. Learning to play the guitar, … Continue reading

The Field

I disclose a method that is almost unique and exceptional for those interested put it into practice. consists of a relatively difficult problem to solve, explain it as I said patiently and in an entertaining way and once your solution, … Continue reading

Call For Entries – XIPAX AWARD 2010

In cooperation with the ADC * E, Art Directors Club of Europe, and the Golden Drum Advertising Festival XIPAX the XIPAX award 2010. In cooperation with the ADC * E, Art Directors Club of Europe, and the Golden Drum Advertising … Continue reading