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Managing People

Business management has different areas of performance and all of them are far-reaching for the present and the future. All these functions have a direct impact on the results, raison d ‘ etre of the entrepreneurial activity. In this work … Continue reading

Demand For Talent-oriented Teaching

Theses to further thought and expectations of the school it may be not all routine”this demand must be understood as a comprehensive expectancy on each individual teachers in regard to the work with smart, talented and gifted students. An essential … Continue reading

French Sonnenkonnig

Have you seen already the sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre? Read here more about the attractions which you still can look at in Paris. You want to travel again to Paris? But walk on the Champs … Continue reading

Hotel Monte Puertatierra

The XXIII Edition of the Pestinada will open the door for the next Carnival on January 29, will take place the XXIII Edition of the Pestinada, from 10.30 pm night and until very late at night in the plaza de … Continue reading

Football Festival

The game of the year in the district oder spree Puhdys, at Pentecost celebrates its anniversary in the city and now the football club FSV Germania Storkow with a sports candy. The Club are aware of July 04, 2009 marking … Continue reading