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Intercultural Mediation Society

Broadly speaking, there is talk of mediation when communication between two parties can not proceed without the bridge of a third person who, with his speech, helps the parties to a conflict to seek alternatives and solutions. Mediation is, therefore, … Continue reading

The Goldfinch

The (Carduelis carduelis parva) is a bird with a height of 12 cm. Related Group is full of insight into the issues. Today is moderately low in the Canary Islands. Apparently his capture has exerted important action to curtail this … Continue reading

Dogen Illusion

That is, for the hypothetical situation where the subject is the bearer of the time, its role in the universe is negligible. Time is an illusion Einstein Master Dogen, a thinker with a unique imagination, which has managed to break … Continue reading

Home Photos

Photos in the house – it's gold-lived, which stores information about people who have lived or are related to this house. This is because the photographs carry people and different areas, which are shown to them in your environment habitats, … Continue reading

Iberian Peninsula

Issue that should not surprise us, since the annihilation or forgetfulness of living languages is a phenomenon that continues to happen year after year now, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa, possibly at a rate much higher than the rate at … Continue reading

Caring For The Environment

The main idea is to reverse, and consider new routes for the development of our existence on this planet, is to see otherwise is really live without the false promises of comfort offered by the commercialism. Desertification, melting icecaps, droughts … Continue reading

Eastern Dishes

Eastern dishes today's most popular all over the world. Utensils East is very diverse. It's not just luxury porcelain dinner services, small painted murals, but also many other items. Great popularity enjoy Japanese dishes, which is remarkable for its simplicity … Continue reading

The Ten Commandments

So much so, that in societies like ours, infidelity is typified as grounds for divorce, when the link has been legal terms … However, human and social reality is in another level of performance … There are men and women … Continue reading

Newcomers On The Road

It's no secret that cars on the roads every day becoming more and more. Like those who first get behind the wheel. The first trip is for the beginner a great test. Not near an instructor with spare pedals, and … Continue reading

Camp David Peace Agreement

The British authorities have paid attention to Hurghada in the first place. They were looking for oil there and a small fishing village became known oil industry primarily because of the search for oil in the area. The first Soviet … Continue reading