Monthly Archives: February 2019

Post-Relationship Stress

When a relationship ends the feelings we experience are tinged with contradictions. We are troubled, sad, angry, full of anger and dissatisfaction and conflict. Nothing seems warm, and how the saying goes, neither the sun! I do not manage to … Continue reading

Occupational Disability Pension

Private disability protection still rarely considered the risk of no longer being able to practise as learned, no one can rule out due to illness. The financial consequences of a possible disability are, however, very well remain. However, while this … Continue reading

NICI Dolphins

The NICI dolphins are very popular with many. The dolphins belong to the although and therefore are mammals that live in the water. (Called also sea mammals.) Dolphins are there in approximately 40 different types and form as the largest … Continue reading

The Phase

The phase of spirituality has given me the opportunity to devote time to meditation, in practice put in order my thoughts and feeling that I am connected with a whole in the search of disappearing the ego as my addictions … Continue reading

Mahatma Gandhi Road

Taking advantage of the extension its offices in Chennai (India) ABIBOO Architecture updates their Web incorporating to the time the direction of their new office in a beautiful building of three plants located in the heart of the capital of … Continue reading