The hunting demons returns in his fourth delivery with a new protagonist but with the successful one it formulates of whenever it characterizes to the series of Capcom. First and so we were when introducing us in the game is the work of refinement of the scenes, which us leaves surprised, one can pause in the adventure and take a time to contemplate the details. The same happens to the personages, their faces, its clothes, everything it composes what them, shines really splendid. The animations are obtained, are fluid and give the sensation very well of which all those showy movements were simple to realise. The sound that accompanies the action is agreed which it is possible to be observed, espadazos, firings, explosions, blows, etc. The battles are accompanied with a electro-rock that can be considered brilliant or annoying, which if it is certain that with time is unknown it. The voice activities are good and chords to which it would be possible to be hoped for each personage.

From principle to aim the fundamental element of the title will be the spectacular action, will be able to be observed acrobatics practically unrealizable mortals or that us they left fascinated and with anxieties to see more. In order to carry out these acrobatics, which we will use to defeat the demons who appear to us, we will have to follow sequences of bellboys precise and in some quite difficult cases but that if is managed to learn well we will be compensated with devastating and obvious splendid movements. The protagonist in this title is not Dante like in the three previous ones, in this opportunity the facts would turn around Nero, a young person who as basic characteristics presents/displays a peculiar arm with strange powers. The style battle of Nero uses blows of sword for the neighborhoods that allows to load the power of the weapon in three different levels, which will be used for more powerful maneuvers, soon it uses a firearm when it is remote that also it will be able to load but that will only vary in the damage of the impact. Up to here very similar in the style of Dante, but the newness is in the powers of its arm, with which it will be able to take the enemies from short or average distance and to star them against the ground or the walls, in case their opponent is larger clings to them to jump being able them to arrive at their backs or to accede to any other parts of their body.

When the hour arrives to face the final heads, these reach their maximum level. The models are exquisite and as everything in this title presents/displays a level of spectacular detail that will cause that we marvel ourselves when seeing them. These demons present/display particular characteristics of fight, returning each unique battle. Nevertheless, everything does not finish here, Nero also owns unique special movements to face those that can be realised in certain moments of the battle causing that this is even more entertaining and singular. It would be possible to be said that Weak May Cry 4 is an excellent game, with spectacular action, that to us will maintain entertained of princio to aim.

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