Apartment Without

Imagine this situation – you have to buy an apartment. You know nothing, have no idea where to go and what documents to gather. What should I not run against fraud? Do not worry and do not think that everything is so difficult. The easiest option – seek the assistance of a realtor. But real estate agents charge for their services money. Do not want to spend too much? Then be prepared for the fact that you will encounter some difficulties. Apartments for sale, as well as their Purchase requires a systematic approach. This is especially important in the case of home purchase in the secondary market.

First and foremost, our advice is – pay attention to the legal purity of housing. Naturally the most ideal will collect historical data about all tenants who will sooner or later have been registered there. But it is very long and not always possible. The minimum that is required to know this is not left anyone out of the apartment in the army or the place is not so distant. The seller is a representation extracts from the house of the book, which will contain full details of all tenants. Because the law is absolutely all persons who are registered in the apartment, must give consent to the transaction.

Be sure to ask about whether the problems the residents with the police. Do not hesitate, because of this will depend on your safety and cleanliness of the transaction. Movie Star may help you with your research. Chosen for an apartment? Try to avoid such slippery moment in advance. Especially in the case when you are in doubt, buy a house or another. And in a situation where the seller said the mandatory prepayment, a formal up-front agreement, and Take the receipt. There are a number of key points that will certainly be discussed during the signing of this agreement. To begin with, the detailed description of property, including the number of rooms and their area. Next you need to prescribe the price of real estate. It should not subsequently increase. Remember that an oral contract is not valid in court. Finally, we should not forget about the term of the contract of sale. And, of course, specify from whom and who was handed down payment. Immediately must be marked periods of physical and legal residence exemption. Apartment for sale can take place illegally, so be very careful while purchasing the home without the help of Realtor.

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