Bars and Restaurants

It would have that to arrange a place to sleep and a job, nor that he was temporary. It needed to fight for its independence. Thus thinking, the young woman left to the road and started to look to work in bars and restaurants. In the end of the day, after passing for some establishments, receiving a refusal, to the times, a proposal indecent, it sat down in a bank in a square. It was supported I lean in it, it hid the face under the arm and cried one pranto quiet, of discouragement. Shortly afterwards, it felt a hand in its shoulder.

It dried the tears and it raised the face, looking the man stopped in its front. He was a old fool, of round face, to look at bellwether and likeable smile. It dressed dusty, very used clothes and shoes old. Holding a plastic bag in the hand, one inclined, asking: – It is needing aid? It is with hunger? Without vacilar, the young woman answered: – Yes, really, not yet I ate nothing today! The old fool smiled, gesturing. – Then he comes! We go to eat a stew. Turning over, it pointed with respect to the other side of the street. – We go, comes fast! Alice was indecisa, but the man seemed so harmless and sincere, who it decided seguiz it. They had crossed the street, and skirting a rubbish mount, the man pointed with respect to an opening in the wall that surrounded the ruins of one old industry.

Alice estaked, with distrust of if venturing for that place. Watching through the ticket, it around sighted a group of people, three men and two women, seated of a stove improvised with rocks and a plate of iron, cooking something in a pan covered of soot. Moving away the fear and impelled by the hunger, Alice followed the old fool.

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