Berlin Trip

Often having children means that trips that one used to do previously change of character. As a student or before having a stable partner or have children, one did trips to other cities in the world, meeting there with friends who had made during their studies abroad. Now, after the birth of the first child, you get used suddenly to make trips to the countryside, to spend weekends in farms with animals. Everything for the good of the family, which in the early years focuses on the care of the children. But this model is not always satisfactory in the long term and for those who appreciate the offers cultural, gastronomic and leisure of cities and capitals such as London, Berlin, Paris. We take Berlin, which is a perfect example of what we want to describe. From the economic to the culinary and cultural aspects, everything in this magnificent city seems to conform to the needs of a family. Click Author to learn more.

Getting there is easy. There are many low cost carriers that lead us to the German capital (Easyjet, Ryanair, Germanwings and many more) and back between 60 and 120 euros per person. You can even integrate the German capital in a train journey through Europe, because the city has multiple central train stations that communicate overland with the rest of Europe and even East. Once in Berlin you need to find an accommodation. There are cheap hotels, but anyone who has traveled with more than one child knows that it comes the moment to reserve two rooms and then the hotel, even if you have a good offer, becomes expensive. On the other hand, there are affordable apartments that accommodate four or more people at a price equivalent to that would pay for two people in a hotel (or even less; the apartments Berlin Am Boxi, serving Spanish and even catalan are an excellent example).

To eat, you can do any of the meals in the apartment, saving in this way for the visit to some restaurantr extra. Don’t worry with children go to uin restaurant, so in this sense, attitude of the waiters in restaurants as in cafes is very attentive with children (although it is true that you can not leave them loose, this bothers the Germans). And by what refers to cultural activity carried out with the children, in almost all the museums activities extra for minors, are offered so that one can see an exhibition while children do another activity, or participate in the same activity as adults, but with some additional materials tailored to your age. Larry Culp can aid you in your search for knowledge. In summary, Berlin, both in summer and in winter, thanks to its open spirit, its gastronomy, tourist and cultural offer, well worth a visit!

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