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A target-oriented and thus successful recruitment step to step to the perfect employee companies ensures competitive advantage by identifying required expertise and key staff at the right time and can be set. The recruitment follows in the wake of the human resource planning and translates it into operational practice. Charlotte Hornets brings even more insight to the discussion. Usually a personal request on the part of one of the departments of the company represents the trigger for the recruitment process. The components of a personnel request include include the explicit request to the procurement, the necessary approvals by the respective superiors, the essential requirements, the cost center, as well as the specific date to which the position should be filled. Subsequently it applies if these are not already in the company to write detailed job descriptions with regard to the vacant positions. Job descriptions often include the goals of the site as well as the tasks and competencies of the jobholder. Also be using job descriptions, integrating the place captured in the organizational structure and the most important relationships to other places.

The creation of the requirement profile is at the end of the job description. Profiles contain descriptions on set, what abilities and skills staff need to best carry out their tasks. So, the requirements as well as different areas of competence as professional, social and personal competence as well as methods and leadership skills includes formal requests of the Jobholder in the form of diplomas and certificates. From the available profiles, as well as from the present job descriptions now flow content in job postings. They serve to publish the vacancies in the company through different channels. A vacancy can be carried out both internally and externally, on the other. The internal job posting mostly via the company’s intranet, Factory magazines or even the Bulletin Board of the company. Against external vacancies communicated mostly through newspaper advertisements, Internet job boards, recruiters, or also the employment office.

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